About The Recapp

The idea behind The Recapp is simple: There are millions of apps out there; all you want is a few good ones. We’re so convinced that you don’t want to sift through more than a million apps on your phone, that we created The Recapp. The Recapp cuts through, narrows it down, and clears away the clutter – one good app recommendation, every day. We call it: "Download One"

The Recapp is:

A Geek – Or rather, a few geeks. A mix of well-respected and experienced tech writers and reviewers who have opinions (and brains full of miscellaneous information) about apps – which ones are worth the download and why? See our Review Roundup, which features reviews from The Recapp team, plus star-ratings from across the web so you can find out what everyone’s saying, right here.

A Guide – Search and browse, by app category, interest and topic. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where a few good apps would be helpful but you’re not sure which ones, check out App Scenario for ideas (Great Grilling Apps, The 10 Best Summer Concert Apps). Maybe you just want a quick list. We’ve got that too: App Lists created by you and us. List it. Love it? Share it.

A Community – Login and share apps you love with anyone who cares. Share your app opinions, suggestions and in the coming weeks, photos and video, too.

The Recapp is:

Brought to you by Verizon. Verizon does not create or edit content. The Recapp editorial team creates original content and gathers articles culled from across the web. The views expressed on The Recapp do not reflect the views of Verizon or Verizon Wireless, they do however highlight the company's commitment to the app community and the progress of mobile app technologies.

The Recapp is:

Happy you stopped by. We hope you’ll dig in, contribute, share, and – most importantly - download without regret.

Our 5 Star App Rating System

Curious as to how we rate the apps on The Recapp? Here’s the idea behind our 5-star system:

  • Five – An innovative, best-in-class app that blows our minds – a must-have
  • Four – Above and beyond its peers, we highly recommend a download
  • Three – A good app that’s install-worthy, if relevant to you
  • Two – Not bad but could use some serious improvements
  • One – An app that we would not recommend