10 Best iPad Apps of 2012

10 Best iPad Apps of 2012

iPads had a good run in 2012, considering the fact that 22.9 million of them were sold in the last quarter of the year alone.

As we put up our new kitten calendars, prepare for resolutions to be broken, and dig in for the new wave of awesome smartphones (and, of course, apps), we’d like to take a minute to review a few that made it really, really hard to put down our iPads in 2012. So get those tablets fired up and your touch-screen fingers flexed and ready—you’re going to be giving them a serious workout.

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In a word, beautiful. The Paper app for iPad can potentially take you from a level-one doodler to aspiring artist.

Use the tutorial to discover your inner Van Gogh or simply sketch, color and notate. The more you use Paper, the better you’ll get at creating beautiful things with just the swipe of your finger and Paper’s neat drawing tools.

With Paper, there are no brushes to clean or paint to spill, so feel free to let your kids go Jackson Pollock. Expand your palette with more drawing tools and colors via in-app purchases. (Free for iPad)


You can kiss cumbersome emails with attachment after attachment goodbye as you go mobile with Box, a file-sharing and -editing app. Use it with your colleagues to share documents, pictures and video. The app makes editing and altering content convenient while also keeping it secure on the cloud. (Free for Android and iOS)


TV just got about a billion times more interesting and interactive with zeebox, the second-screen experience app that takes TV watching from passive to active with the touch of your screen.

See what shows are trending down or if their audiences are growing. Check out what people are saying about anything and everything TV related as you scroll through the sections. You can even see what the stars themselves are tweeting about (Twitter is the main driving source of information for zeebox). You’ll never watch TV the same way again. (Free for Android and iOS)

Walking Dead: The Game

If you like AMC’s The Walking Dead, then the Walking Dead app is a must-have. Heck, even if you don’t watch the show, this app’s graphics are killer, and the gameplay is intense. (There’s nothing quite like the sound of a zombie hot on your heels to give you the heebie-jeebies.)

You’ll have to be on your toes as zombies abound. Sure, you’ll kill a few, but the real challenges occur in between the attacks, as you have to mentally suss up your fellow survivors and deal with them (or not) in a way that will increase your odds for survival. And you’re not in this alone; a little girl needs your help to reunite with her estranged parents ... if they’re even alive. (Free Android and iOS)


Music videos, music videos and more music videos. That’s what drives VEVO, a much more interactive version of MTV’s former star, Total Request Live. From the latest and greatest Taylor Swift and Chris Brown to the ’80s classic Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles, VEVO has you covered.

Search by artist, or just randomly scroll through what’s hot. VEVO’s videos play clearly and buffer free, and you’ll experience limited ads (you know they’re inevitable). VEVO HD, the app's iPad version, is one of the most engaging forms of mobile entertainment for music junkies. (Free for Android and iOS)

You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack is a fun, fast-paced, frequently hilarious and sometimes obnoxious trivia game app that you can play with Facebook friends or, if you log in as a guest, with total strangers. From space travel to the red carpet and every pop-culture reference in between, YDKJ is going to put your intelligence and finger speed to the test.

Earn more virtual money the faster you answer, or get sucked down the wormhole, losing cash and position every time you’re incorrect. 

In your face, challenging, flashy and totally fun, YDKJ is the best waste of two minutes we’ve come across since Scrabble. And it’s louder too. (Free for iOS, Android Coming Soon)

The Room

Enchanting might be a good way to describe The Room app, but it doesn’t do the graphics, gameplay or spooky nature of the game justice. This puzzle/mystery app tests you on every level.

Unlike the aforementioned YDKJ, The Room takes time and patience. It requires mental aptitude and physical know-how, as you must control intricate items on your touch screen to progress in the game. If you like mysteries, intricate story lines and 3D graphics, this app is for you. ($1.99 for iPad)


Wikipedia is one of the most visited reference sites online. Now there’s the Wikipanion app that provides you with the ability to quickly access all the information available on Wikipedia, and with more search features.

This intuitive app gives you the ability to bookmark pages for future reference, which we love. Another cool feature is GeoNames location search. Enable it, and the app will highlight relevant places, people or events (past or present) in your immediate area. (Free for iOS)


This app is a fantastic extension of what Skype can do from your desktop or laptop. Sure, your iPad (or iPhone) may have FaceTime, but Skype is available for use across more operating systems and consumes less bandwidth.

Whether you rely on video chatting to keep your business in touch and in good standing with your partners and suppliers, or you just need it to make sure that special someone doesn’t forget your face, Skype is your app. Use it enough and you may not ever feel the need to log back on to FaceTime. (Free for Android, Windows Phone and iOS)

Groove Coaster Zero

Got rhythm? Hand-eye coordination? If so, you’re going to love Groove Coaster Zero, a serious homage to the arcade game Tempest (in design and style). If you don’t have rhythm or good hand-eye skills, no problem. Groove Coaster Zero can actually build and reinforce those skills.

An app that kids and adults alike can enjoy, Groove Coaster Zero will have you tapping your touch screen and bobbing to the beat as you hurtle through space, racking up points while building a chain of successful taps. Groove Coaster Zero is a groovy blast. (Free for iOS)

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