10 Best iPhone Apps of 2012

10 Best iPhone Apps of 2012

We’ve asked our tech enthusiasts, we’ve done our research, and we’ve completed months of testing. Our picks for the 10 best iPhone apps of 2012 cover a variety of categories, but all offer a purpose, an enjoyable navigation and a well-deserved spot on your iPhone.

While you’ll notice an expected app or two on here for good reason, we hope you’ll discover new names to try out, whether it be for note-taking or bar-hopping purposes.

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Angry Birds Star Wars

Never before has a hugely popular game app so perfectly meshed with a beloved, massive film franchise. From Pig Vader to the planet Hoth to gravitational pulls of under-construction Death Stars and the swooshing sounds of Tai Fighters, the Angry Birds Star Wars app is a bullseye to a womp rat with a T-16.

In laymen’s terms, the Angry Birds Star Wars app is awesome. Smooth navigation, cool graphics and an overall addictive, fun gameplay, Rovio’s new game app of the year does not disappoint. (Free to $0.99 for Android, Windows Phone and iOS)

Squarespace Note

Gone are the days of opening up your email account and fumbling through the multiple steps its takes to send yourself a note, idea or reminder. 

Not only will the Squarespace Note app save you time and effort, but it's fun to use and scores major points for a simple design that hearkens back to the ’60s. Jot down a note and send it to any of your social networks, email accounts or cloud services. (Free for iOS)

National Parks by National Geographic

Not only is National Parks a user-friendly and hyper-informative travel app, its photos of beautiful landscapes and detailed maps are something to fall in love with too. We personally found ourselves wasting time just browsing the park photos, but we also discovered tons of little details that pertain to 20 national parks and would help us in our travels to the locations.

From entry fees and current temperatures to lodging information and travel guides (which are in-app purchases of $1.99 each), the National Parks app is a must-have for any traveler. (Free for iOS)


Skitch is the kind of app that will draw you in (literally) and keep you there. This photo-editing app lets you design and personalize photos for a thousand different reasons in a thousand different ways.

A ton of cool effects like digitization, colored marker, reframing, zooming and placing typeset take your pics to a whole new level. Need to alter a map or an image from the Internet? Skitch does that too. You can also instantly email your new photos or save them to your camera roll for display later. (Free for iOS)


Talk about addictive. SpellTower is a game app for iPhone developed by Zach Gage. Zach knows his words and Zach knows his games. The SpellTower app offers four game styles that will put your language abilities to the test.

Spell words diagonally, up and down, side to side, or permutations of each in order to score the best, or simply avoid ending your turn. ($1.99 for iOS)

Don Q's Barometer

The people at Don Q Rum have more on their minds than just libation, as is evidenced by Don Q's Barometer, an interactive bar-meter app that lets you know the mood, style and beverage of choice at your (or any number of) nightlife destinations.

See what suits your fancy before you head out for the night. And if you wish, rate the bar you’re at or you’ve been to before so others can get in on the vibe you’re setting. Who said that all you can do at bars is drink? (Free for iOS)

BBC News

From the global news leaders at BBC, the BBC News app is everything you’d expect and more from a brand synonymous with current events and objective reporting.

Neatly displayed in rows of boxes, choose the stories that interest you from around the world or right here at home in the US of A. The ticker at the top of the screen scrolls, showing you the stories that are happening right now, and a live radio feed allows you to hear the news as you multitask. (Free for Android and iOS)

Converter Plus

“Thorough” does not do this app justice.You can convert just about everything with the Converter Plus app.

From the basics—pounds to kilograms and meters to feet—to the complex—calories per hour to heartbeats per minute, or even kilometric flow rate to standard feet flow rate—Convertor Plus has got all your converting needs covered. Plus this handy tool is free. And that’s a conversion we can all make. (Free for iOS)

iTranslate Voice

Just tap your chosen language and speak into the microphone of your iPhone, then watch as the iTranslate Voice app spits the translation back to you in mere seconds. Need it translated back or into yet another language? iTranslate Voice can handle that as well.

Gone are the days of you fumbling through a language book, looking for words you know you’ll struggle to pronounce. Just speak into the app and let it speak your foreign word or sentence for you. Never before has translation be so easy. (Free for iOS)

Dark Sky

Ditch the annoying local weatherman or those glacially slow weather websites for Dark Sky—not the storm clouds, the app. This little beauty will warn you when a storm is headed your way. As the app states, clear skies are boring.

The Dark Sky app lets you watch the storms in your area or other parts of the world using its radar and constantly updating timeline. ($3.99 for iOS)

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