4 Good Apps for Twitter Addicts

4 Good Apps for Twitter Addicts

Twitter is nothing if not addicting.

Okay, it’s also a great way to connect to the musings of friends, the insights of celebrities and the latest breaking news. But, yeah, it’s addicting too.

For the uninitiated: Twitter appears as a feed of updates, 140-characters or less. Who you follow is entirely up to you. You can follow your 10 closest friends or thousands of celebrities and news outlets. And, unlike Facebook’s two-way street “friends” system, those you follow don’t have to follow you and vice versa. The Twitter format seamlessly integrates links, photos, videos and even KickStarter campaigns. Sounds cool, eh?

It is. But as engrossing as the bustling social network can be, it has an equal and opposite capacity to be overwhelming. Updates come frequent and fast, and the more it grows, the harder it is to keep up. If you get really into it, you’ll probably even begin to feel like you’re “missing things.” And you probably are.

Thankfully, there is a plethora of Twitter apps that can help you keep up. Better still, most of them are all-in-one social-media control panels, where you can connect your various Twitter accounts (yes, some people have more than one), and your Facebook accounts.

So whether you’re new to the Twittersphere or you are a Twitter veteran with your own loyal following of “tweeps,” we’ve collected the best Twitter apps available to help you manage your budding social (media) life.


First on our list is the original Twitter app, because it’s...well, Twitter’s app. In our opinion, it's the best-looking Twitter client—the interface is slick, fast and has evolved nicely with new generations of smartphones.

It’s Twitter only, of course (not Facebook or other social network connectivity), and the customization is limited. But because it’s Twitter, you can rest assured that it will work and work well. (Free for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone)


The “other” app from Twitter is curiously less aesthetically pleasing. Still, it has a nice array of features to help you keep tabs on all of your social outlets from a single app. Connect all of your Twitter handles and Facebook pages (including fan pages), and accessing all of them is as easy as a swipe.

TweetDeck’s “columns” organization also allows for more directed content: direct messages, mentions and scheduled updates, as opposed to whole news feeds. Another huge plus: You can schedule your tweets, whether you have the app open on your device or not. (Free for Android and iPhone)


Seesmic is a social dashboard designed primarily for Twitter. You can connect your Facebook account(s) too, but they look like Facebook content stuffed into a Twitter space. The Seesmic app offers some handy features, such as being able to see your number of retweets.

It’s also nice to be able to toggle through your various Twitter accounts, should you have more than one. There is also a new sister Seesmic app, Seesmic Ping, that adds LinkedIn and Tumblr to the mix, but its function is to broadcast only. (In other words, you can post simultaneously to the four social networks from Ping, but you can't view feeds.) We hope that, at the very least, Tumblr is headed to Seesmic soon.

Picking this one up over the native Twitter app is likely just a matter of preference. (Free to $2.99 for Android and iPhone)


Now here is an app that comes as packed with features as one might expect from a third-party developer. As opposed to simply being another place where you can take a gander at your Twitter feed, developer OneLouder took a good, hard look at Twitter and asked, “What’s missing?”

TweetCaster has a load of features to help you manage your feed. Dividing up followees (that’s the opposite of followers) by category is easy and handy if you, say, only want NBA tweets during an important playoff game. Searching is much improved from Twitter’s own app, as well as features that allow you to save tweets to read later, or temporarily block specific users or topics—especially handy on big TV show nights. The list of features goes on.

Even though it’s Twitter only, we think TweetCaster is the best third-party Twitter app available. (Free to $4.99 for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone)

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