5 Must-Have Apps in Apple’s New Food & Drink Category

5 Must-Have Apps in Apple’s New Food & Drink Category

On July 12, Apple added a much-needed Food & Drink category, enhancing its app collection of more than 600,000 apps.

App lovers like us were waiting for this unveil. Before its launch, users had to shuffle through countless apps in the Lifestyle or Travel categories to meet their cooking, dining or drinking needs (unless they visited The Recapp, of course). But now, Apple houses all those apps in one tasteful place.

As of its launch date, the new Food & Drink category contains about 3,000 apps that help you with everything grub-related—from discovering a top-rated sushi restaurant, to preparing a gourmet meal, to finding a microbrewery that carries your favorite IPA.

We indulged in the Food & Drink section to find our favorite apps (many are compatible with Android devices too). Here, we recommend the five must-have apps for foodies.

Food Network In the Kitchen

On its App Store description page, Food Network In the Kitchen states that the app is "consistently one of the top recipe apps in the App Store," and for good reason. Launched by the reputable Food Network, this iPhone app lets you surf through thousands of popular recipes created by your favorite chefs like Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell.

Search by ingredient, recipe or chef. Compare multiple recipes at once, create a shopping list and save recipes to your personal Recipe Box. This app helps make any amateur chef take it to the next culinary skill level. ($1.99 for iPhone)

Find Craft Beer

Pretty straightforward, this app helps craft-beer fans scope out local breweries, brewpubs and unique watering holes in their nearby radius. You can explore offerings in specific cities or let your GPS do the work for you.

Better yet, you can search based on distance or ratings. Locate the best microbrew sellers in your neighborhood with this very simple-to-use app. ($0.99 for Android and iPhone)


If you’re like us, you’re up for trying new restaurants. But which restaurants do you choose? Instead of spending a chunk of your time searching for restaurant ratings online, whip out this app, a reliable restaurant app that only features top-rated restaurants, searchable by state, city or your GPS location.

The editors at LocalEats take their recommendations very seriously—dubbing some restaurants “Top 100” in the city and avoiding all national chains. Establishments have to make the cut to be featured, and their credibility is based off of ratings from magazines, newspapers, dining sites, and the editors’ personal experiences. Dine on! ($0.99 for iPhone)


Impress your friends by quenching their thirst with an elaborate cocktail, made by you. The Mixologist app offers thousands of drink recipes so you can get crafty in your own kitchen.

If you’re already a bartender, improve your technique by surfing this app to discover new recipes. The coolest feature is the Liquor Cabinet, which lets you plug in all the liquor types and mixers you have available. It then generates a database of cocktails you’re able to make with your bar at hand. (Free to $1.49 for Android, free to $0.99 for iPhone)


Part Food & Drink app, part mobile payment app. With the Starbucks app, you can pay at the register with a simple scan instead of dealing with a cash or card transaction.

Locate the closest coffee shop to you, manage your Starbucks Card balance, reload money into your account and track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program. Even sift through nutritional information or use the Drink Builder to make your drink or food decision prior to your arrival. Get that caffeine and get on with your day. (Free for Android and iPhone)

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