5 Photo Apps You’ll Love If You Like Instagram

5 Photo Apps You’ll Love If You Like Instagram

It’s the app that saw more than a million downloads within 24 hours of its Android launch; the one that surpassed 5 million Android downloads in six days; and the one that got gobbled up by Facebook for a billion bucks. It’s the photo-sharing app Instagram—with more than 200 million users as of March 2014—and we know you love it.

Instagram’s social community and dozens of photo filters create a fun and interactive way to keep up with your friends, family and even celebrities. But what many people seem to forget is that it is not the only photo-sharing app on the market, nor is it necessarily the best.

Whether you use Instagram to update your loved ones on your daily activities, follow the whereabouts of your favorite bands, express your inner photographer or give your two cents about Kim Kardashian’s outfit choice, why not dabble in some other lesser-known apps that match your photo-sharing habits?

In fact, there are hundreds of other photography apps out there: Some to accompany your already-existing obsession (we’ll call it an instobsession), and some that you might even prefer over the beloved Instagram.


If you’re not ready to stray from the familiarity of Instagram but are looking for something to take the experience up a notch, InstaPicFrame is the app for you. This Android photo app gives you an array of picture-frame options. You can choose from countless colors and designs to create a custom border for your pictures, or use the photo-merging feature to make a collage out of your pictures of choice.

You can also add words directly onto your photo or collage, rather than just creating a caption. Upload photos from InstaPicFrame directly to Instagram, or share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Flickr. (Free for Android)


If you love the interactivity of Instagram but are looking for a change, try the Streamzoo app, named Best Android Photo Sharing App by the 2011 Best App Ever Awards. Like Instagram, Streamzoo allows you to share your photos within the app with other Streamzoo users. You can also follow users and hashtags by searching different people, topics and keywords.

Streamzoo has 18 filters, 15 borders and six crop shapes to choose from, as well as the ability to edit your picture’s contrast, hue, saturation and brightness manually.

What differentiates Streamzoo from Instagram is its Badges feature. You can unlock different badges by posting to your favorite photo streams, such as Sunsetter, Foodie, Beach Bum and Sky Walker. (Free for Android and iPhone)


There’s no denying that Instagram brings out the hipster in all of us. Why not take it to the next level with a photo-sharing app that doesn’t try to hide it?

The Hipster photo app allows you to create and view a real-time visual record of locations and events all around the world. It does this through the sharing of virtual postcards.

Try out different themes, effects and filters, and customize your photos by adding personal text to the back (like you would on a real postcard). Keep up with your friends’ postcards and other postcards from the places you’ve been. You can also share your postcards through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, foursquare and Flickr, and tag the friends who are lucky enough to be featured in your oh-so-cool postcards. (Free for Android and iOS)


Pixlr-o-matic is a photo-editing app that offers endless (but if you had to put a number on it, it would be over 5 million) ways to adjust, improve and customize your pictures. Choose from more than 100 effects, 280 overlays and almost 200 different borders to create truly unique finishes to your photos.

Overwhelmed? Just click on the “randomizer” feature and the Pixlr-o-matic will choose an effect, overlay and border for you. You can share your final products straight to Facebook or save them in your phone’s photo gallery. (Free for Android and iOS)


Mobli is in a league of its own. It covers all the visual bases of both Facebook and Instagram without the other unnecessary features. By visual, we mean both photo and video, which is what sets Mobli apart from its fellow photo-sharing apps.

The Mobli app is all about posting videos and photos as you see them, which allows you to share your experiences visually and on the fly. Mobli lets you tag your media with different keywords and check out photos and videos from other users. That means you can follow your friends, but you can also see streams about a specific topic—nightlife, for example, or your favorite sports team.

After a series of updates since its release, Mobli is really starting to show its full potential. Leonardo DiCaprio saw so much potential in Mobli that he invested $4 million in the app. (Free for Android and iOS)

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