6 Best Android Security Apps

6 Best Android Security Apps

There are few things more valuable than security when it comes to mobile devices. Our lives are in these phones, and we carry them wherever we go. It’s scary to think that at any moment, a stranger could scour through our devices, finding precious contacts, sensitive emails and personal finance information. And we don’t even want to think about losing our phones.

We at The Recapp share your concern for security, so we’ve gathered six security apps for Android that cover the gamut of security options—from free to pricey, basic to exhaustively thorough, and all points in between.

McAfee WaveSecure

From the computer security monolith McAfee comes WaveSecure, the company’s app for personal security on mobile devices. The options in WaveSecure are extensive, and you can literally control your phone’s capabilities from any computer.

Installation is a breeze, and the app has a full complement of options if your SIM card has been compromised. The free seven-day trial gives you a nice taste. Like it enough and you’ll pay $19.99 a year for the full service. (Free 7-day trial for Android, $19.99 per year after)

Verizon Mobile Security

Verizon Mobile Security is Verizon Wireless’ free offering in the arena of mobile-app security.

The virus- and malware-detection features are quick and comprehensive (so long as you have a good connection), and the app conducts this report daily. Verizon Mobile Seurity does come with some other cool options (virus alerts, locking, wiping), but you’ll have to subscribe to get those services. (Free for Android, $1.99 per month for premium service)


The GadgetTrak app takes tracking to a whole new level. Yes, you will have to undergo a registration process that at times feels redundant and overly extensive. But it will all be worth it when your phone goes missing and you can track it down to a specific area the size of square meters.

Sure, the precise tracking drains battery, but for us forgetful types, this app could literally save you hours of searching for your phone that’s gone missing yet again. ($3.99 for Android and iPhone)

Kaspersky Mobile Security

In a word: extensive. The Kaspersky Mobile Security app may have a cumbersome handle, and its design is as corporate as they come. But the only thing that prevented us from giving this app five stars was the cost.

This one-stop shop app will do anything and everything when it comes to mobile security: track, wipe, lock, scan for viruses, restore contacts and documents, and a whole bunch of variations and permutations in between. And you can control it all remotely, like the mobile-phone master that you are (or truly want to be). For an app, it carries an expensive price tag, but for those who need security, Kaspersky Mobile Security is definitely an investment worth making. ($29.99 per year for Android)

G Cloud Backup

This Android security app comes from the developers at Genie9 (formerly Genie-soft), and they’ve done something here that no other app on our list could do: Offer mobile security and backup for free.

This app is painfully simple and easy to use, and you get 1 GB of storage on the Genie9 cloud for free. We recommend G Cloud to anyone that doesn’t use their phone as a business hub. And it does one other cool thing: It eliminates the need to wait in line at the phone store to transfer all your critical information to a new device. G Cloud can do that all by itself. (Free for Android)

Lookout Mobile Security

Another free alternative to some of the costly apps listed above, the Lookout Mobile Security app will scan your phone, detect and eliminate viruses and malware, and scan on a daily basis if you so choose.

The app also has mobile tracking and locking features, but one of our favorite tricks is the Scream feature. What this does is obvious—just make sure you’re not holding the phone right next to your ear when you activate it. (Free for Android)

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