7 Best Classic Arcade Games Turned Mobile Apps

7 Best Classic Arcade Games Turned Mobile Apps

If you’re like us, you remember sneaking your Game Boy under the covers after bedtime to play Tetris or spending hours in front of a computer enthralled by The Oregon Trail. Maybe you hosted basement Frogger competitions with your childhood friends or held the highest score in Pac-Man at the arcade.

Well, with the recent revival of old-school game apps for the Android and iOS platforms, you can hold on to your youth a little while longer.

We’ve learned that these classics stand the test of time. Although some of these games are a little reimagined, their original intentions remain the same. If you’re feeling nostalgic, get an old-school fix and download a few (if not all) of these retro game apps.


Even though this classic game icon celebrated its 30th birthday last September, it’s still as popular as ever. You remember the objective of Frogger: Get your frog safely home by dodging cars on a busy road and avoiding hazards in a flowing river.

Developers Konami Digital Entertainment made this classic arcade game app available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Select between New or Classic game modes, with the latter boasting a slightly pixelated design that looks much like the original thing. The New game mode offers a refined, clearer display while maintaining the classic gameplay. (Free to $0.99 for Android, Blackberry and iPhone)

Snake Classic

Developers at Zing! Apps mimicked the original version of this game that was pre-loaded on all Nokia phones in 1998 and added some advanced features.

The goal of the Snake Classic app is to navigate a snake around the screen to consume apples and gain length, without running into itself or a wall. Green bonus apples appear for a few seconds and are worth double the points. The Snake app for the iPhone lets you choose between Classic and Extreme game modes (the latter is timed) and five levels of difficulty. It also gives you the option of playing in four different fields: open field, box, hole in the wall and 4square. (Free for iPhone)

Ping Pong

This one of the simplest, yet most addictive games out there.

Tilt your phone to bounce a ball up and down on a table-tennis paddle without losing control of it. Tap the bonus pop-ups to gain extra points. The addiction sets in once you strive to beat your personal record or challenge your friends to set a higher score. (Free for Android and iPhone)

The Oregon Trail: American Settler

The original Oregon Trail game was produced in 1974 by the Minnesota Education Computing Consortium (MECC). Its goal was to teach students about 19th century pioneer life.

The Oregon Trail: American Settler app is a spinoff of the classic game that primarily focuses on life after conquering the trail. It’s all about settling down, chopping trees, harvesting crops and keeping your village happy.

This colorful game app gives you control over the entire settlement. If you enjoy games that require your attention and responsibility quite often, then try it out. (Free for Android and iPhone)


This internationally loved puzzle game was created by a Soviet named Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 and became one of the best-selling mobile games on the Nintendo Game Boy. Developer Electronic Arts takes the classic game and spices it up by offering you three types of gameplay modes: One-touch, Marathon and Galaxy. Each option is a reimagined version of the original.

A few new features exist, like a “holding area,” which allows you to postpone placing certain pieces, or the “power up” feature that gives extra strength to each falling component and transforms the blockage below it. Although these extra options add some strategy, they deviate from the original simplicity and difficulty of the game. (Free for Android and iPhone)


Namco developers recreated the original arcade Pac-Man game into an app for most smartphones, and although the graphics are better, the objective stays the same.

Guide your yellow Pac-Man through a maze while chomping up pellets as you go. Consume all the pellets without running into one of the four ghosts trailing behind. To fight them off, go after the power pellet—a flashing dot—that gives Pac-Man the power to eat his enemies.

There are two ways to play: Accelerometer mode, which has tilt controls, or Swipe, which requires you to swipe your finger in the direction you want Pac-Man to go in. Both are a little flawed in response time, but with a little practice, you should be able to get the hang of it. (Free to $4.99 for iPhone)

Bejeweled 2

This seemingly simple game only requires you to line up three matching gems before they burst, earning you points in the mini-explosion. But take heed. This game is extremely addictive.

Bejeweled 2 offers different game modes that allow you to race against time, blast gems to collect gold and diamonds, create power gems by matching four or more gems and ultimately collect points. The Bejeweled 2 app seems to have something for everyone. ($2.99 for Android)

Get your game on.

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