Best Free Game Apps of 2012

Best Free Game Apps of 2012

It’s no surprise that, each year, developers whip out a new bevy of game apps with stunning graphics, classic aims and refurbished concepts. From puzzle games like Ruzzle to physics-based games like Hill Climb Racing and zombie apocalypse-themed Into the Dead, 2012 brought in an arsenal of quality, worthwhile games to help us kill time.

Although there are many to choose from, we’ve whittled them down and came up with the best, most addicting free games of the year. Stay tuned for our Best Paid Game Apps of 2012.

Subway Surfers

In this cartoon-style game, you’re a rebel teenager running from cops and dodging trains in the busy New York subway system. Complete missions and get power-ups to improve your score. One slip up, and the security guard has his burly hands on you for all your graffiti transgressions.

The graphics in Subway Surfers are top notch and entertaining. We think it’s definitely worth a go. (Free for Android and iOS)

Fun Run

Fun Run is a competitive racing game where opponents try to annihilate one another on the way to the finish line. Even though the creatures are cute and fuzzy, the game has a gruesome twist. Weapons include a saw blade that ricochets off walls and chops your opponent into pieces, bear traps that crush bones, and lightning strikes that fizzle, just to name a few. Play with friends or random opponents throughout the world. This is a fun twist on the traditional race game. (Free for Android and iOS)

Ruzzle Free

The Ruzzle game app is a fast-paced hybrid of online Boggle and your traditional game of Scrabble. Find as many words as you can within two minutes. Create words by swiping vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to connect letters on a 4-by-4 grid. Certain letters earn you extra points, like in Scrabble.

Challenge friends or random opponents, and use the handy chat feature to spark up the competition. (Free for Android and iOS)

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb racing is an addictive physics-based driving game that requires good timing and skill. The aim of the game is to cover as much distance as possible without flipping over and snapping the neck of the driver. Collect coins to upgrade your vehicle’s four main features: engine, transmission, tires and 4WD. (Free for Android and iOS)

Pocket Planes

Take over the travel industry as an airline tycoon by building airplanes, transporting people and cargo, and expanding your reach. Pocket Planes is a character-rich flight-simulation game that requires strategy and time management. Although the graphics are a bit pixelated, the interface is colorful and easy to use. The pilot at heart will be flying high. (Free for Android and iOS)

Happy Street

If the title doesn’t give it away, the aim of this game is to build a colorful, jolly village where cute little creatures roam, spend their money and help you aggressively expand your reach to make them even happier. 

The complexity of Happy Street comes from completing missions and maintaining a functioning township. (Free for Android and iOS)

Into the Dead

Dodge the walking dead in this zombie apocalypse game that has stunning 3D graphics, meaningful gameplay and big-adventure feel. Unlock an arsenal of weapons to stay alive in this forsaken land, and take out the zombies before they eat you alive. If you appreciate a little darkness, Into the Dead is the perfectly grim game for you. (Free for iOS)

Smash Cops Heat

Send cars flying through the air like twisted pieces of metal in this high-speed car-chase game. As a police officer, chase criminals and take down their vehicles by crashing into them using a feature called InstaRam—the most efficient protocol.

To improve your performance, gain stars and unlock as many new cars as you can, from American muscle cars to European exotics. (Free for iOS)

Pinball Arcade

This arcade game app replicates real-life pinball tables like The Twilight Zone, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Developers Farsight Studios are dedicated to making the app version of the originals as authentic as possible. It even goes as far as replicating the original glitches of the tables to make gameplay as realistic as possible. (Free for Android and iOS)

Now it’s time to get your game on, freely. 

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