6 Best Video-Editing Apps

6 Best Video-Editing Apps

Here at The Recapp, we used to think that video-editing apps would be difficult to use, that they would require some cinematic talent and knowledge of high-tech editing tools. Boy, could we have been more wrong.

These six video editing apps are proof that anyone with a smartphone can edit videos. Your photos and videos can be cut, scored, colored and shared with the world in just a few simple taps.

Get ready to call yourself a filmmaker with these six cool (and free) video-editing apps.


Perhaps one of the friendliest beginner video-editing apps is Splice. Watch a short demo video after you download the iPhone video-editing app and you’ll quickly understand how Splice works.

Not only is Splice easy to use, but it’s loaded with options. Use video and photos; choose a song from your music library to score your film; preview, tweak or change your film once it’s complete; then share it with the world. There are no time restrictions per clip size, and you can even choose between SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) formats.

Splice is one of the best video-editing apps out there. (Free for iPhone)

Lapse It

You know those videos that crunch a long scene (say, a flower blooming or clouds floating by) into short, fast-forward looking clips? Well, you can make those videos quickly and easily with the Lapse It app for Android and iPhone.

Lapse It requires you to choose your frame rate (how many frames you want to capture per second) and a camera resolution (the Pro version lets you record up to 1920 by 1080p) in order to create your time-lapse video. You can edit your videos, add filters and incorporate music before you share it on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox or WhatsApp. Another plus is that there is no time or length cut-off for these clips.

The only tricky thing is keeping your smartphone still for a period of time (we suggest using a tripod). That patience pays off, though. These nifty time-lapse videos are fun to watch and share. (Free to $1.99 for Android and iPhone)


The Viddy app specializes in short, easy-to-digest videos with a major focus on social networking.

Select a clip (no still photos for this app) and trim to a 15-second video. Then use one of Viddy’s vast array of special effects to create tone, mood and color. Finally, choose your music and share your film with the Viddy social network.

Get ready for feedback—Viddy’s reach is worldwide. (Free for iPhone)

AndroVid Video Trimmer

With AndroVid, you can edit your videos by trimming and splitting scenes, then convert your videos into a variety of different formats for sharing.

The app produces a customizable bar atop your videos, where you can cut scenes and edit lengths. You can also split your videos into separate clips or (our favorite feature) grab a scene out of your video to make a still image.

The ability to convert files into so many formats, such as MP3 and MP4, is key if you want to share your videos through all outlets, from text to email to social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. AndroVid is simple in terms of interface and concept, but if you record a bunch of videos on your Android device, this is a handy app for making simple edits and sharing with anyone. (Free to $1.99 for Android)


Like the name, this video-editing app conjures up magical videos within a practical, simple interface.

The Magisto app is great for those new to video editing. It takes the instructional video a step further by not only offering you a Magisto-sponsored video to watch, but you can also select other helpful videos from the bottom of the screen.

To use Magisto, simply select a video or shoot your footage before you’re spellbound by the musical choices this app has to offer: Popular and old-school artists from Bill Withers to Hanson will have you tapping your feet and sharing your film in no time. 

Wave your wand and watch your movies with Magisto. (Free for iPhone)


This video-editing app impresses with its sleek style and step-by-step ease of use.

You’ll be singing the Jetsons’ theme song once you open this app with Videolicious’ cool retro design. The app offers you the option of selecting still shots or video clips to include in your movie, and you also have access to your entire music library to bring your creations to life.

Videolicious even allows you to record a message that weaves into the final video. There is a 30-second clip limit and, at times, an updating lag. But overall, Videolicious is not only scrumptious, it truly hits the spot. (Free for iPhone)

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