4 Apps to Get You Ready for Halloween

4 Apps to Get You Ready for Halloween

Your home is scattered with Halloween trinkets, you’ve been planning your costume since last November, you’ve scoped out the best bargains on Halloween candy and you’ve put extensive time into finding the perfect stencil for your best pumpkin yet.

OK, most of us aren’t that prepared for a holiday like Halloween, but we still get excited to act like kids again, relish in some snack-sized candy bars and hit up a few festive parties. Even if you only spend a week or a few days getting ready for Halloween, these five apps will help you prep for the spooky fun, get in the Halloween mood and even get some serious goose bumps.

Happy Halloween from The Recapp!

Halloween Free Live Wallpaper

You’re not the only one who can have a Halloween costume this year. Deck out your Android phone with a live wallpaper app that features flying bats, glowing jack-o-lanterns and a spooky (we use that term lightly) setting. 

Halloween Free Live Wallpaper displays all of this in 3D on your phone’s Home screen. (Free for Android)

Plan-it Halloween

Did your friends punt the annual Halloween party to your house? Well, if you haven’t been pinning Halloween foods, decorations and activities already, you probably need some help making that killer impression you hope for.

Plan-it Halloween is a simple app that offers some fun Halloween party-planning ideas and tips. It recommends party-bag suggestions (who says you’re too old for that?), activities such as a costume event or apple bobbing and tips to keep your party on a budget. ($0.99 for iPhone)

Halloween Disguise and Hoax – HD

If you have an iPhone, this app is a keeper. It contains DIY Halloween costume ideas (in addition to the ol’ sheet-with-two-eye-holes ghost costume idea), which is a plus for people trying to avoid the big-box Halloween stores.

Halloween Disguise and Hoax also recommends scary but fun pranks to play on your friends (so long as they don’t get spooked too easily). Lastly, you’ll get some Halloween trivia, including interesting historical facts, such as when the first mass-produced Halloween costumes appeared in the U.S. (Hint: The answer is in our complete app review.) (Free for iPhone)

Ghost Guide USA

If you need a change from your town’s spruced-up haunted house, its annoying strobe lights and dressed-up zombies, consider this Android app. Ghost Guide helps you locate real haunted houses, cemeteries, schools, bridges and many more settings around your GPS location. You can also browse locations around the country, if you want to work on your haunted history knowledge.

Along with pinpointing the location and name of the site, Ghost Guide gives you a photo, description and, sometimes, a link to the location’s website for more information. Even if you don’t venture to that site of the hundred-year-old train wreck, it’s still fun to read about. If you’re not up to paying the $1.99 price tag, download the Lite version, which simply stores less locations. (Free to $1.99 for Android)

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