4 Apps to Land You a Job Promotion at Work

4 Apps to Land You a Job Promotion at Work

While any job is good in today’s tough economy, that doesn’t make us stop wanting our dream job. We just need a little extra time or help to get ahead. Whether that’s deciphering documents, reviewing presentations relentlessly or checking investments in your down time, we have a few apps that can give you the information you need to boost your career and hopefully get a job promotion.

Some apps are just necessary on any business person's smartphone, notably Dropbox for storing documents and Lookout Mobile Security to keep your smartphone virus-free. But there are other, perhaps lesser-known apps that can help you out in a jam wherever you are and keep you first in line for that promotion at work. You’ll find those apps here, so keep your eye on that promotion (and the raise).

The Law Guide & Dictionary

At some point in your career, you’re bound to come across a document with phrases written in Latin. Someone’s classics homework? No, it’s likely some legal jargon in need of translation.

That’s where TheLaw.com’s The Law Guide & Dictionary app comes in. It tells us that “genericide” means denoting the loss of trademark protection and “moneta abatuda” means money diminished in value. This handy app is definitely full of information, giving a history of obscure laws as well as legalese written in Spanish, French and, of course, Latin. (Free for Android and iPhone)


For those enterprising young professionals interested in global markets, this app provides a way to watch your or your clients’ investments grow, even while grabbing coffee outside of the office.

This financial-markets app for Android comes with both snapshot and streaming real-time quotes of stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currency and more. With frequent market updates on your phone, you’ll always be in tune to the market’s ups and downs, and you’ll be ready to make an educated call on business matters wherever you are. (Free for the first three days, then $2.50/month subscription for Android)

Quickoffice Pro

There are few mobile apps that are de rigueur for keeping you on top of your work and wowing the boss, and Quickoffice Pro is one of them. It’s the ultimate app for boosting productivity (and it better be, considering its price tag).

After you’ve left the office and your boss sends you a presentation to finish by 8 a.m., Quickoffice Pro is a necessity. The app lets you read and edit documents, including Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents, while traveling on the train to your next business affair. ($14.99 QuickOffice Pro for Android or iPhone)

Executive Assistant +

What busy office worker doesn’t need an assistant? Executive Assistant + is an all-in-one productivity app that combines your social media, email, text messages, calendar and tasks for quick review to save time—all those bits of important work information will be available on one screen, without all that pesky searching and multiple passwords.

Make use of the three viewing modes so you can see your updates on your screen without unlocking your phone, or try one of the Executive Assistant + widgets that display the icons that require your attention. The app offers a quicker way of getting your status updates and acting upon them, no matter which mode you’re in. So you can respond to your boss in mere seconds, even without unlocking your phone!

While this app’s $6.99 price tag is a little steep, we recommend trying out the free Executive Assistant (adware) first to ensure you like the basic capabilities. ($6.99 for Android)

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