4 Shopping Apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

4 Shopping Apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You’ve just finished the biggest meal of the year. You’re glad you wore the elastic-waist pants when your grandmother continues to feed you apple and pumpkin pie. You begin to doze from whatever that sleepy chemical is in turkey. But then you realize: T minus three hours till the stores open for Black Friday shopping! (Yeah, stores are opening at Midnight this year.)

Black Friday spawns the beginning of holiday-seasons shopping, and following the traditional in-store retail event is Cyber Monday, when the sale bonanza continues online. Instead of having to check the newspaper ads, search various websites and ruin your nap after Thanksgiving dinner in order to scope out the best deals, just download these free apps for post-Thanksgiving shopping.

TGI Black Friday

Before your Thanksgiving dinner has even had time to settle in your overly full stomach, your mind is wandering through the stores you want to hit up in order to get the best Black Friday deals. But there are just so many deals to choose from! If you’re overwhelmed with the mass giveaways, promotions and sales, download the free app TGI Black Friday.

The Black Friday app shows deals and Black Friday opening times for more than 90 national retailers. You can mark which deals you plan to snag on Black Friday and keep them stored in a personalized wish list, or you can click “Shop Now” for the app to redirect you to the retailer’s website. If you see a TV on sale that you know your brother would love, send him the deal via Twitter, Facebook or email. We recommend clicking on the store website where the item is located in order to verify the product’s price. But for the most part, TGI Black Friday gives you a good, broad look at big deals taking place on Black Friday near you. (Free for Android and iPhone)


Shopping malls on Black Friday are like jungle gyms for monkeys. Quite simply, it’s a free-for–all. Be sure to watch out for die-hard bargain hunters who will surely use their shopping bags as weapons in order to snag that last half-off toy of the season. So, while protecting yourself, the last thing you want is to be lost in a chaotic mall on Black Friday.

FastMall is a navigation app, offering mall maps of more than 1,250 shopping malls across the country. Whether you’re looking for a specific store or you’re simply searching for the quickest way to get there, this free app offers in-mall walking directions and level-specific mall maps. It also provides mall directories—including individual store phone numbers—and an easy way to locate restrooms (just shake your smartphone). The shopping app doesn’t provide a tool for fighting the crowds or finding a close parking spot, though. Good luck with that. (Free for Android and iPhone)

Discount Calculator

Shopping on Black Friday requires speedy response times. In order to save yourself from the relentless sale seekers, you’ll need to make a decision quickly as to whether or not you should buy that 30 percent-off jacket now or later. To help aid in this process, calculate the final prices of sale items without having to ask the sales associate or work out the math problem in your head (that’s just too risky on a day like Black Friday). Discount Calculator is a free and simple sale price calculator that does the legwork for you.

Shoppers need to only enter an item’s original price, the sales tax (optional) and the percent discount. The app has a nifty slider tool that lets you easily choose the discount without having to type it in (we told you it was a simple app). Then, witness the product’s final asking price, or add multiple items to create a running list of your cumulative savings. Pat yourself on the back, smart shopper! (Free for Android)

dealnews App

The dealnews app (from dealnews.com) is a classic deal aggregator. Here at The Recapp, we thought of it as a news feed for sales. You can either browse the long lists of in-store and online promotions, or search for a specific item in the dealnews database. The app breaks items down into categories—from Electronics to Fashion—as well as “Newest” and “Hottest” deal lists.

The nice thing about dealnews is that the shopping app tells you why each deal is a steal with a sentence such as, “That’s the lowest price we could find by $98.” On Cyber Monday, the app is a helpful tool for locating extreme deals and easily linking to retailers’ websites. There, you can purchase the product on sale with a promotion code from the app. (Free for Android and iPhone)

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