5 Super Bowl XLVIII Apps

5 Super Bowl XLVIII Apps

Every football fan’s dream is coming true this year. The top four teams in the league battled it out, and the Seahawks and Broncos have been named AFC and NFC champs, respectively. In what is undoubtedly going to be an amazing display of talent and heart (be on the watch for Richard Sherman’s passionate gameplay!), Seattle and Denver will duke it out on February 2 in New Jersey. The only thing that can make the game even better is a smartphone or tablet outfitted with some apps.

Whether you’re looking for up-to-the-minute play coverage while making a fridge run, a way to organize your Super Bowl boxes, or a pizza to feed your “home-gating” guests, we’ve got you and your fellow football fans covered.

NFL Mobile

Don’t fight it: You’re watching the biggest NFL game of the year, so the NFL Mobile app is a necessity on this American sports holiday.

We’ve commended this football app before for its up-to-date football news coverage, game stats and injury reports, video highlights and more. Oh, and did we mention live streaming? With 24/7 access to the NFL Network and live streaming of every regular and postseason game (on smartphones only), NFL Mobile is the perfect companion for when you’ve got to make a food run or check on the kids in the other room. Hopefully you’re a Verizon customer, though, because they are the only lucky ones with access to all this football goodness. (Free to download for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and iOS)

Fox Sports Go

This year, Fox is streaming the game live for computer and iPad users. Download the Fox Sports Go app to your tablet and log in with your cable service provider credentials to get access to the biggest sporting event of the year.

If you can't hear the game over the shouts of your rowdy friends, the app has an awesome closed captioning option. You won’t miss any of Terry Bradshaw’s nuggets of information. Plus, when the Super Bowl’s over, you can use the app to watch NASCAR, UFC, NCAA Football and Basketball and UEFA Champions League Soccer. (Free for iOS)

Easy Football Squares

What’s a Super Bowl party without some squares to keep things even more exciting? Instead of going old school and hand-drawing a chart on a piece of paper, keep it easy for yourself and opt for a digital version.

Easy Football Squares is simple to use (as it should be) and will allow you and your fellow party-goers to set up and choose your boxes to see who will win after each quarter. Print it out after everyone’s signed up so everybody can keep track of their chances. One minor caveat: The app only works on tablets 7 inches or larger, but we haven’t seen any other apps that even come close to being as useful as this one. ($2.99 for Android)

Papa John’s Pizza

You can’t enjoy a football game without some good ol’, artery-clogging food. (That probably wasn’t the best way to preface this app, but you can’t deny the facts.) Nutrition aside, pizza is a mainstay at football parties. And who wants to cook a pie while entertaining company? Delivery please! Many popular pizza joints have mobile apps to make the ordering process easier.

With Papa J’s biggest endorser playing in the Super Bowl himself, it only seems fitting that you should order a pie from your seat in front of the TV via the Papa John’s Pizza app. Use the app to find the nearest location, browse the menu, place your order and submit payment. If you’re taking heat for not bringing any food to the party, a quick and sly order via the app might save your neck. Seahawks fans may want to explore a different option. (Free for Android and iOS)

Super Bowl Quiz

Think you’re an NFL superfan? The Super Bowl Quiz app is just the right app to test your Super Bowl knowledge. Go through the series of questions to see how much you really know, and then pass it along to your friends to see who’s the true NFL maven.

The app is simple and easy to use, and while it could definitely use some improvements in terms of new questions and updates, it’s still a great gameday companion. The quiz is quick and to the point, which is perfect for when you’re watching the big game. You don’t want to miss out on any big plays! (Free for iOS)

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