5 Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

5 Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

Why is it that one of the most basic, biologically necessary activities is also one of the most difficult? Case in point: waking up. 

We all know how hard it is to rise and shine every weekday morning. There's the long workweek or school day on the horizon, and even though we know that our morning java will do the trick in an hour or so, it's still hard as heck to open up those heavy eyes as your alarm buzzes.

While there are many different alarm clock styles, every one is equally as devilish in the morning. There's the old-school clock radio, your particularly noisy dog, a nudge from your loved one or roommate and so on. But let’s face it; those methods can be a bit unreliable.

So why not let technology give you a hand? The best alarm clock apps can actually make you (gasp!) look forward to your alarm going off in the morning. OK, let's not go that far, but these specialized alarm clock apps are sure to get you going in the morning. Whether you’re a heavy sleeper, a late riser or a snooze-button hitter, these alarm clock apps for Android will have your back.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

This alarm app caters to every kind of sleeper out there. Plus it includes a number of features that prevent excessive snoozing. 

If your body needs some extra time to become alert in the morning, you can set your alarm so that it will gradually wake you up by starting out soft, then increasing in volume every time it goes off. You can also set Alarm Clock Xtreme so that the snooze duration decreases after every time you hit the button.

If you still don’t trust yourself to get out of bed, use the feature where you have to solve a math problem before the alarm will turn off. Talk about a rude awakening! (Free to $1.99 for Android)


Unlike the Alarm Clock Xtreme app, AlarmDroid makes snoozing a cinch. Its “flip’n’snooze” feature allows you to simply flip your phone over in order to turn your alarm off for those blissful five extra minutes of sleep. 

This alarm app is pretty straightforward, housing all the usual features of an alarm clock and timer, but with a few flairs here and there. It provides a speaking clock that will announce the time and weather when your alarm goes off, and you can even set Internet radio stations as your alarm tone. 

AlarmDroid also shows you a countdown of when your next alarms will sound and if they are disabled or not. If you’re looking for a simple wake-up call, this is the app for you. (Free for Android)

Gentle Alarm

This alarm app for Android lives up to its name—its best feature is that it tries to wake you up during light sleep, instead of shell-shocking you out of your dreams. 

Pick a time you want to wake up, and Gentle Alarm will go off 30 minutes (or however long you set it for) beforehand on a very low setting that you would only hear if you are in a light sleep. Waking up during this period of your sleep cycle ensures that you feel better rested and more alert (so the app states), as opposed to being jolted awake abruptly during a deep sleep.

You can even create a playlist from your iTunes as your alarm tone, and it has flip-to-snooze and shake-to-dismiss features. ($2.50 for Android)

I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock

For all you deep sleepers and snooze-button hitters out there, you need to download this alarm app ASAP. The I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock app for Android practically forces you to get out of bed because the only way your alarm will turn off is if you scan the barcode of an object around your house.

The makers of this app suggest that you set up the object to be scanned far away from the comfort of your bed, such as a shampoo bottle or a box of cereal. That way, you won’t be tempted to crawl back under the covers.

This app also includes everything you could want or need out of an alarm, such as the Smooth Wake Up feature (gradually increasing in brightness of screen and loudness of tone), and various math and puzzle methods so that you have to solve a problem before the alarm will turn off. Give your brain (or body) a little workout in the morning! (Free for Android)

Alarm Clock Plus

This alarm app is a hodgepodge of sorts. It’s the ideal combination of almost every top feature that other alarm apps have to offer. It includes the math problem–solving option for dismissing an alarm, the ability to set any song or sound as your alarm tone, a feature that opens the app of your choice when your alarm sounds (such as a weather or news app), as well as countless other elements that make this the alarm app awesome. 

Alarm Clock Plus even has a widget especially for nap alarms, and it can be displayed as a bedside clock with big, clear digits that glow through the dark. It’s the be all and end all of alarm clock apps, and it doesn’t cost a penny. (Free for Android)

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