5 Best Apps for Skiing and Snowboarding

5 Best Apps for Skiing and Snowboarding

There’s a lot that goes into a successful skiing and snowboarding trip. You need to know what the snow is like at your frozen destination, if the weather is going to hold out, which lifts are running, what the terrain is like at new resorts, if your friends would like to join in and more. Luckily, there are apps for that.

To make the most out of the winter we have left, The Recapp has gathered apps that can make any skiing or boarding jaunt more enjoyable. From planning your trip with friends to kicking back in the lodge after a run, be sure to carry these five wicked skiing and snowboarding apps with you.

Ski and Snow Report

The first thing you’re going to want to do before your next skiing and snowboarding trip is to check Ski and Snow Report. The app lets you add up to 12 of your favorite skiing resorts from around the world and quickly check their conditions, including temperature, snow depth, wind speed and direction, as well as the amount of open chairlifts and trails.

Ski and Snow Report then allows you to share a resort’s condition updates with friends. One of the coolest parts, though, is that the app can be configured to notify you of when new snowfall happens at your favorite places—perfect for setting up a snow day on the fly when conditions are best. (Free for Android and iPhone)

Trimble Outdoors Navigator

If you don’t want to take your skiing and snowboarding ventures to a commercial resort, Trimble Outdoors Navigator can come in handy. The navigation app provides more than 68,000 topography maps of the U.S. and Canada. More importantly, its built-in GPS technology works anywhere by linking to satellites, meaning you don’t need to be near cellular towers for the app to figure out where you are.

Trimble can also track your trip, showing you where you’ve been through the course of a cross-country skiing or snowboarding trail. You can also create waypoints and geotagged photos along the way, making it easy to find your way back should you need to, or to rediscover your trail at a later time. Hey, it’s easier than leaving breadcrumbs! You can even share your path and trip details with others through social networks or TrimbleOutdoors.com. (Free for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone)

The Snow Report

Another ski-resort report app, The Snow Report, includes helpful features for a wider search of resorts, both close by and worldwide. Like Ski and Snow Report, this app can be configured to notify you of snowfall and includes reports on weather conditions, also making the information shareable to others quickly and easily.

The Snow Report includes avalanche reports, weather forecasts, trail maps, directions to resorts and additional tools to search for resorts all over the world. The Snow Report even lets you snag real-time views of the resorts via webcam, so you can get a look at the resorts firsthand before making a decision on which slopes to hit. (Free for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone)


Make your time spent on the slopes more social with SNOCRU, a location-based skiing and snowboarding app. SNOCRU lets you see who else from your “cru” is currently making their way up and down the hills near you. You can set statuses and exchange messages, and if you’re riding solo, you can meet up with new people by viewing other nearby SNOCRU users.

SNOCRU also hands out badges based on your check-in habits at different resorts, and it pinpoints locations around town where you can hang after your run. In addition to all these cool social features, SNOCRU is also an essential download for its handy tracking features. Whether you want to know your speed down the slopes, your altitude in feet or your exact coordinate location—you’ll get all these stats and more in this jam-packed social app for true skiers and boarders. (Free for Android and iPhone)


REALSKI adds some serious technology to your next ski trip, making use of your smartphone’s camera and the app’s augmented-reality capabilities to make navigating the slopes a smoother ride. When you fire up REALSKI on a supported slope, you can hold up your smartphone and look at the image of the run in front of you on your phone’s screen. The app overlays important information about the run, showing you where the chairlifts are, how difficult runs might be and more.

The only drawback is that REALSKI is supported in relatively few places, but if you happen to ski or board at one of the 80 or so resorts where its service is available, it makes for a very cool tool. (Free for iPhone)

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