5 Hard-Hitting Apps for Hockey Fans

5 Hard-Hitting Apps for Hockey Fans

There’s nothing like the sound of skates carving up the ice, the chill of the arena and that magical freeze monster, the Zamboni. Yes, we’re primed here at The Recapp for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (What, you thought we meant figure skating?)

If you can’t make it to an NHL game, you won’t be left out of the action. Here are a few hockey apps to help you keep up with all the scores, highlights and news, and to have a little enjoyment on the virtual ice too.

NHL GameCenter Premium

This Stanley Cup of hockey apps offers a bit of everything for NHL fans: live scores, news, stats, schedules, standings, live radio broadcasts and videos of goals soon after they happen. Upgrade to NHL GameCenter LIVE, and you’ll get live video broadcasts of every NHL game on your phone. And you can customize the app to closely follow your favorite team.

Just know that the official app of the NHL is a bit pricey (though if you are a Verizon 4G LTE customer, the upgrade from the basic app to Premium is free). And getting the live video will cost you even more. But if you’re a hardcore NHL fan, there is no better app. ($9.99 for Android and iPhone)

The Hockey News

You won’t get any glitz with this free app (in fact, it might unexpectedly close on you every now and then). What you will get is analysis from expert hockey writers, who will give you plenty to read and talk about.

The app includes some of the content of The Hockey News, the magazine that’s been covering hockey since 1947. App highlights include blog and feature sections, where you’ll find insight into who’s hot for the playoffs, for example, or a column highlighting the importance of player safety.

And if you manage a fantasy hockey team, the injuries section lists players who are currently on the sidelines, including a brief description of the injury and their prognosis. (Free for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone)

Ice Rage

Here’s your chance to take to the ice and score a few goals in a two-on-two matchup.

The funny cast of characters in Ice Rage (ranging from Sir Mark the royal pigeon hunter to the hard-hitting Enviro-Bear) and quick-paced game play is what we like best. You can square off in a single game against the app or invite a friend to play along. Or test your skills in a tournament where it’s one loss and you’re done. ($0.99 for iPhone)

Hockey Fight Pro

If fast-moving puck action isn’t your thing, try dropping the gloves and pounding your opponent to the ice. Hockey Fight takes goal scoring out of the game and leaves you squared off in a boxing match on ice.

After picking your bruiser and an opponent, the game takes you to center ice. Easily control which punches you throw, and try to block your opponent until one of you lands the knockout. Good fighting earns you respect points, which can be used to upgrade your fighters. The app even lets you turn off the blood (but why would you?). ($1.02 for Android; 99 cents for iPhone)

Hockey Goal Horns

A hockey game just wouldn’t be a hockey game without the sound of the home team’s horn sounding loudly after every goal. In Hockey Goal Horns, you get an app to recreate the experience.

All 30 teams are represented with clear-sounding horns. You can play one, create a playlist to string a few together or use a hockey horn as your ringtone. You can even create and email your own horn by using a series of pre-recorded horns, crowd sounds, songs and a siren. Just be sure not to play them too loudly at work. ($0.99 for iPhone)

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