5 Useful Apps for Your Summer BBQ

5 Useful Apps for Your Summer BBQ

Summer is here, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to fire up that grill. We at The Recapp gathered five free apps that will stoke your summer fire and help you throw a BBQ that will have your neighbors beckoning for more.

Need to know how to cook your fussy friend Stan’s sirloin steak medium rare? Want to try that new recipe you’ve been hearing all about? Or, do you just need to know if Mother Nature is going to give you good grilling weather? With these five free apps, you’re sure to serve up something delicious this summer.


From Clear-Media comes a cooking app that is as fun to use as it is informative. Ten chefs will walk you through a wide array of dishes that are sure to flesh out your BBQ menu.

Bite-size instructional videos from trained chefs (and often popular food and recipe bloggers) will walk you through everything you need to add depth to that BBQ of yours. From ingredients to prep to execution, Appetites makes it easy to follow along and fill your food with flavor. Make sure you try out the Summer Pack, an additional set of warm-weather recipes available for $1.99 within the app. (Free for iPhone)

The Weather Channel

Ever tried to BBQ in the rain? How about high winds? Even if it’s foggy out, you might have problems. Before you start planning that kick-butt, backyard ’cue of yours, you should check out the Weather Channel app.

This trusty weather app will give you up-to-the-minute reports on what to expect when standing outside over that hot grill. Scope out the weather for the next 10 days, add a widget to your phone’s interface for easy weather gathering on the go, and even share pristine forecasts with your friends who are attending your outdoor party. (Free to $3.99 for Android and iPhone)

BBQ 4 Free

This game app allows you to get (most of) the joy of cooking without leaving your Barcalounger. And if you’re throwing a BBQ, fire up this app to occupy yourself while you cook.

As soon as you launch BBQ 4 Free (or BBQ Pro), you can hear that familiar sizzle and burn of charcoal on the grill. Fun, easy to use and surprisingly instructional, this app has you preparing everything from hot dogs to lamb chops and multiple combinations of all sorts of meat on a grill that behaves just like the authentic one that’s taking a break (or gathering rust) in your back yard. (Free for iPhone)

Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes

In a word: awesome. We at The Recapp just got back from the store where we stocked up on select cuts of grade-A beef, and Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes is the sole reason. 

Your days of undercooking or overcooking steaks are over. This grilling app is your new outdoor companion. Need a top sirloin that’s 1.25 inches thick and prepared medium rare for your Aunt Sally? Done. Want to make the perfect filet mignon rare for yourself? No problem. Steak Timer tells you when to flip, sear, remove from direct heat and much more. It even alerts you if you get distracted. (Free for iPhone)

Texas Monthly BBQ Finder

When all else fails, the Texas Monthly BBQ app might just be your saving grace.

From the nearest BBQ joint to one halfway across the country, this app offers you all sorts of delicious data when it comes to BBQ restaurants. Directions, reviews and even buzz from other customers are easily accessible in this app from the well-respected people at Texas Monthly.

And if you can’t find something close to you that suits your fancy, order some delivery from the best spots in Texas. It may take a few days, but you’ll be salivating at the mere sight of that package. (Free for iPhone)

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