6 Apps for the 2012 Academy Awards

6 Apps for the 2012 Academy Awards

There are two types of people in this world: those who love award season and those who don’t. With the 84th Annual Academy Awards just around the corner, those who do will want to stay on top of the latest coverage and conversations going on about Oscar and all of his star-studded friends. Those who do not should keep reading—we may change your mind.

The Recapp is rolling out the red carpet and sending you a formal invite to Oscars night with six amazing apps that will keep you entertained, informed, challenged and connected before the lights go up and after the curtains come down.

Oscars (by ABC)

This year’s Academy Awards will be airing on ABC. Do your homework before the big night with ABC’s Oscars app—a digital cheat sheet detailing just what to expect on award night.

The Oscars app features a complete list of nominees, tips to help you win your Oscars pool, interviews with movie insiders and links to trailers for each of the nominated films.

If that’s not enough, there’s even a section to keep you up to speed with Oscar-related tweets from around the world, plus a tool to cast your ballot through Facebook to share your top picks in each category with friends.

If you’re completely uninterested in parking yourself in front of the TV on Sunday night, you can use the ABC Oscars app as a post-show overview instead of an extra-special guide. (Free for iPhone)

Live from the Red Carpet (by E!)

While the Academy Awards event was originally founded to commemorate phenomenal work in film, plenty of people tune in to the Oscars strictly for the designer gowns, million-dollar jewelry and charming celebrity interviews found on the infamous red carpet. The E! network is well-known for its coverage of all the pre-show glitz and glam, and now you can have 24/7 access to Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic asking, “Who are you wearing?”

With E!’s Live from the Red Carpet app, you can get a head start on the latest news and trends expected on Oscar night, as well as a generous dose of celebrity gossip and Hollywood happenings.

Once the red carpet has been rolled out and stepped on by America’s most beautiful people, the app is a perfect resource for exclusive interviews with nominees and winners, photos of the best and worst looks of the night and a rundown of the show’s highlights—and not just the ones in celebrities’ hair. (Free for Android and iPhone)


While there are many social outlets for sharing interests and current activities, GetGlue is an app specifically geared toward sharing what you’re watching, reading or listening to right this second. Plus, it opens up a dialogue with others who are doing the same thing.

Once you download GetGlue, you can start off by “checking in” to the Academy Awards on ABC. This information will automatically be shared with users and friends (whom you can chat with about the show via the app) and will earn you a sticker (GetGlue’s equivalent to a foursquare badge).

You can even share what you’re watching with your Facebook and Twitter friends. Who needs to host or attend an Oscars party when the party’s right in your hands? (Free for iPhone and Android)

Movie Challenge: Oscars Special

Everyone loves to test their knowledge with a good round of movie trivia, especially the know-it-alls. But the Movie Challenge app is the quickest way to discover you don’t actually know everything, especially when it comes to Oscar-nominated films!

Surely you didn’t know that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon received the most nominations ever for a foreign language film.  (If you did, perhaps you’ll find Movie Challenge a breeze!)

With over 5,000 questions presented in several different movie-related categories and with a variety of question types (such as true-or-false and word scrambles), the Movie Challenge app is perfect for friendly competition based on the thousands of movies we all know and love—whether you’re playing alone to gear up for the awards or wanting to bring the fun to everyone at your Oscars party. ($0.99 for iPhone)

Movies by Flixster

You have two options for discussing this year’s Oscar nominees intelligently with coworkers and friends—actually seeing each movie and forming your own opinion or using the Flixster app to read substantial reviews by the world’s best movie critics.

The choice is up to you, but if you haven’t had time to see each film this year, then take advantage of Flixster’s collaboration with Rotten Tomatoes, a site that compiles critical reviews from hundreds of media sources and aggregates them into a percentage score to determine if a movie was a hit or miss.

Beyond the accessible and insightful reviews, you can learn more about the actors and directors in a particular film, locate a theater still showing a nominated picture or learn when it’s arriving on DVD—all the prep you need for being an Oscars expert (or at least sounding like one). (Free for Android and iPhone)


Twitter is already abuzz with Oscar talk, from Academy gossip and nominee updates to personal picks and fan favorites. But the best time to tune in to the Twitter conversation is right when the red carpet rolls out.

Live-tweeting is when Twitter users document and share their comments about something literally as it happens on TV, and it has become almost as entertaining as the shows themselves. The wittiest live-tweeters will be the ones to follow on Oscar night—the ones who will actually say what everyone else is thinking about Billy Crystal’s hair.

A lot of celebrities also live-tweet from the red carpet and during the show, so pick some of your favorites and follow along with them as they share their Oscar night thoughts. It may be the closest you’ll get to being a celebrity’s plus-one. (Free for Android and iPhone)

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