6 Gold-Medal Apps for the 2012 Summer Games in London

6 Gold-Medal Apps for the 2012 Summer Games in London

Your bags are packed, your tickets are in hand and your excitement is high as you prepare to travel across the pond to London for the Summer Games.

Well, not all of us are that lucky. But if you did manage to score seats at the world’s greatest sporting showcase this year, all that travel you’re bound to do entitles you to a perfect experience in the UK capital. Whether you want to partake in the Summer Games festivities, learn about the event's athletes or navigate the city like a local, The Recapp has put these six gold-medal apps to the test. Some of these apps even let you get the full Summer Games experience if you're cheering on your country from your sofa (like we’ll be doing).

The London Olympic Committee created a pairing of apps to keep you involved with all the sports action and to notify you with up-to-the-minute results on the nations at the top of the leaderboard. We also arm you with essential apps for traveling around London, and we urge you to spend some time taking in the famous sights (or at least a plate of fish and chips) that the city has to offer.

The one thing we can’t help you with? Watching out for traffic coming from the other side of the road!

London 2012 Join In

If you’re planning to enjoy all of the sports at this year's Summer Games, you’ll definitely need to download the event's official app. The London 2012 Join In app is the ultimate guide to get the full Summer Games experience, whether you’re watching from home or gallivanting from venue to venue catching as much action as possible.

With up-to-the-minute news feeds and photos, customizable features to focus on sports and events that interest you, and London maps to help navigate the host city, this app is a top-notch gold-medal winner. Every question you could possibly have about the London games is answered, and you won’t miss a jump, dive, tumble or goal along the way. (Free for Android, iPhone and Blackberry)

London 2012 Results

Get the scoop on medal standings by nation and top winning athletes during the 2012 Summer Games with this app. Created by the official London Olympic Committee in conjunction with the London 2012 Join In app, the London 2012 Results app keeps you up to date on event schedules, standings, athlete news and medals.

This app will only tell you about the things you’re interested in, thanks to the various custom settings. Browse schedules by sport or day and standings by country, sport or individual. All sports news and updates are customizable with filters that fit your preferences. You can even create your own schedules with the events that interest you.

London 2012 Results also offers in-depth bios for every competing athlete. Download this free app and you’ll have all the Summer Games winners in your hand. (Free for Android, iPhone and Blackberry)

Tube Map

Traveling on the iconic London Underground (also famously known as “the Tube”) gives travelers to the UK a chance to experience the hustle and bustle of a city constantly on the move. In fact, the easiest form of transportation to get around London is the underground system. So don’t be caught without the Tube Map app on your device, which helps you make sense of all the curvy lines and bright colors that adorn the London subway map.

While you can always use the main Tube map as a quick reference guide, this app also gives you access to a complete list of all Underground train lines by name and color, showing statuses or delays. Tube Map even offers a route tool to make travel for tourists—just enter a start and end station.

The app calculates which directions, stops and lines are best for your travels. You can even pick between the fastest route or the route with the fewest station changes. (Free for Android, iPhone and Blackberry)

London Bus Checker

Want another way to avoid looking like a tourist? Navigate the London bus system like a local with this bus-route navigator and timer app. You’re in London to enjoy the greatest sporting event on the globe, not to worry about transportation!

Complete with maps of bus routes, schedules, Google maps and even an alert system to notify you of your approaching stops, London Bus Checker helps you blend in like a true traveling Londoner. Tap any of the map pins to learn more about that bus stop. An information board will appear with countdowns until the next bus pickup time, the bus number, its destination and the option to view the complete bus route.

This transportation app is definitely worth the download price for your trip across the pond. ($2.64 for Android and iPhone)


Ever tried hailing a cab in an unfamiliar city from a busy sidewalk in the pouring rain … where the cars drive the wrong way?

Well, “wrong” may not be the right word. But in London, this is what you will experience if you need a taxi service. That’s why you need to download the GetTaxi app.

When you download the free taxi app, all you have to do is type in your phone number, email address and current location. Then go hit up London tourist shops or grab a shepherd’s pie, and watch a nearby taxi come to pick you up on the smartphone London tracking map.

The app also shows you in how many minutes you can expect your cabbie to arrive and how far away they are in relation to your location. You can even send your taxi driver a message in case you suddenly have more people needing a ride, or if that shepherd’s pie will take a few extra minutes. (Free for Android, iPhone and Blackberry)

London Visitors A-Z

While you’re in London for the Summer Games, why not spend some time exploring the famous sights, too? London Visitors A-Z is a solid pocket-guide app, giving you all the London info you need directly on your smartphone.

Designed especially for the tourist in mind, easily search and pinpoint places of interest, calculate route distances and find landmarks around you with a few taps on an interactive map. The app starts up quickly and can pinpoint any location with a simple search. You can also engage your GPS or Wi-Fi to locate your current position on the map in relation to sights you may be interested in seeing within the city. ($1.99 for Android and iPhone)

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