6 Helpful Real-Estate Apps for House Hunters

6 Helpful Real-Estate Apps for House Hunters

Whether you’re preparing to buy your first single-family house or you’re looking for a new apartment to rent, house hunting can be an overwhelming process if you don’t know where to start. With so many listings, you’ll need reliable tools to help you sort through the real-estate clutter and find the perfect place for you. These house-hunting apps for Android and iPhone can help.

While many of these real-estate apps are mobile extensions of popular websites with similar functions (they all help you locate and sort property listings), we still recommend using all of the services to compare information and get a thorough look at your area of interest.

Another tip: Take a minute to create the free accounts so you can save properties within the apps. After weekends of neighborhood drive-bys and open houses, Favorites lists are crucial so you can keep track of the properties you liked.

Happy house hunting!


Some house hunters go on gut feelings and aesthetics. But if you’re all about the details, REALTOR.com’s app is a must-download. The official app of REALTOR.com has a crazy amount of information about each listing (for sale, for rent, open house and sold properties).

Discover a home’s flooring material, fireplace location, room dimensions and even its heating features. Once you know a property as well as its realtor, you can contact a REALTOR.com realtor directly through the app for more information. (Free for Android and iPhone)


Trulia’s real-estate app houses detailed property information, but it just misses the plethora offered by REALTOR.com. This app’s differentiator is its sleek interface and easy-to-use and organized navigation, as well as its filtering features on map views.

Once you’ve scoped out a property, click the Map tab to view the listing’s surrounding neighborhood. You can check out what restaurants, grocery stores, banks and schools are nearby, all from the comfort of your couch. Leave the car trips for weekend open houses instead. (Free for Android and iPhone)


Integrate some augmented reality into your house search with HomeSnap. Well, really the app just uses your GPS location to produce a property’s information, but it’s cool to act like you’re using virtual technology instead. Why not have fun while you’re noting property taxes?

Just take a picture of a home using HomeSnap, and the app will produce its price and listing information. Want to check out a home you are passing by but don’t want its homeowner to be suspicious? Turn the app to Stealth Mode to scan the neighborhood area, and HomeSnap will find the information for your immediate location using GPS. (Free for iPhone)


If you’ve been on the house hunt, chances are you’ve heard of Zillow. The Zillow mobile app is just as helpful as its parent website, with its signature Zestimate price values for homes and apartments.

We personally love using Zillow during weekend drives through potential neighborhoods. Zillow excels at populating maps super quickly, so wherever you’re touring, you can click the compass icon for updated listings of properties near you.

We also dig Zillow’s color-coded home icons on the maps, its mortgage calculator (usually you need to pay for apps with this tool) and new listing notifications. (Free for Android and iPhone)


Another app from a popular real-estate site, the ZipRealty app offers a complete list of detailed realty information for properties located in more than 5,000 cities. But, of course that’s not why we added it to this list of stellar apps. ZipRealty’s app has some neat tricks too.

Take the iPhone version’s augmented-realty feature, for instance. Point your phone’s camera in different directions around you to populate your screen with properties nearby. ZipRealty, like the REALTOR.com app, also lets you draw shapes on a map to zoom in on properties in select locations. (Free for Android and iPhone)

House Hunter

House hunting can be a strenuous process, and by the time you put in a weekend’s worth of research and open-house visits, you’re likely to lose track of some homes you liked. The House Hunter app helps you stay organized in your search.

House Hunter lets you create a file on each property you visit. Once you’ve uploaded a property, you can make notes on it and apply ratings—the point being that you will never forget about that home’s stain on its ceiling or a condo’s noisy neighborhood.

When the time comes to make home-buying decisions, you can browse through your saved home files, which are sorted by their rank. You can also calculate mortgages with the premium version. (Free to $3.99 for iPhone)

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