6 Must-Have Apps for Fashion Week

6 Must-Have Apps for Fashion Week

When we at The Recapp set out to find the best apps for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, we quickly realized that, while we can try to recommend the apps we think people would need, we really needed to ask someone who experiences the event first-hand. So, we caught up with Kate LaBeau, Account Manager for PR firm HL Group in New York City, for her must-have apps to get her through Fashion Week, as well as through the chaotic weeks leading up to the event. These are six apps every person attending or working during MBFW should have on their smartphones.

Every fashion PR girl in NYC has their Fashion Week survival kit: extra-strength pain medicine (thanks a lot, 6-inch heels), energy drinks, breath mints, extra pairs of tights, comfortable flats to change in to, and a take-no-prisoners attitude. The New York Daily News once described us as stylish multitasking ninjas, a term that, in my tenure at PR firm HL Group, I have become quite proud of. This February 8th to 16th, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012 is in full swing at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in New York City. My go-to Fashion Week suitcase is filled with black sheath dresses, my phone and six essential Fashion Week apps.

As a PR professional during Fashion Week, my ultimate goal is to get my clients the best press coverage possible by facilitating interviews, escorting the celebrities who attend the show, managing guests, securing red-carpet moments and starting the show on time. I need my phone loaded with apps that help me achieve my two primary goals: to have information at my fingertips and to access social-media channels on the fly.


It’s hard to imagine MBFW without Twitter. With fashion-blogger celebrities such as Bryanboy, Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller and Tavi Gevinson of The Style Rookie seen sitting next to editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine Anna Wintour, it’s easy to see why Twitter is crucial to Fashion Week coverage. Live tweeting is as essential to any runway show as the models or the clothing in it (use the hashtag #MBFW to follow Fashion Week coverage).

HL Group staffs a specific person at every show to manage Twitter by retweeting editors, bloggers, etc.  Facilitating conversation with any and all of the hundreds to thousands of attendees and their followers is a top priority for me as a PR pro. During Fashion Week, I’ll be tweeting live updates of looks, models, and celebrity arrivals and retweeting notable editors, publications, bloggers, and celebs. (Free for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry)


Instagram has quickly become the go-to camera-filter app for offering behind-the-scenes photos and snapshots of the action backstage. I am constantly “Instagramming” hair and make-up, model fittings, designer interviews, and my favorite looks during the show, and I’m sharing them via my clients’ Instagram and Twitter accounts. (Free for iPhone)


I’m obsessed with the Style.com app any time of the year—it features fashion news and runway-show coverage from all the world’s fashion capitals. But the app is especially essential during MBFW, as it allows you to view all of the runway collections that are shown at various shows during Fashion Week, and it does so almost immediately after the shows take place.

I also use Style.com to read reviews of different shows and to identify the season’s trends. During Fashion Week, you are constantly running into editors, buyers and designers who will discuss their favorite shows and collections. It’s essential to be able to contribute to the conversation, and Style.com helps you do that. (Free for iPhone)


Celebrities are crucial to a successful Fashion Week these days. They’re always seen front row, dressed in the newest collection from the designer and gushing to E! News about their love of fashion and personal style tips. My role in dealing with celebrities is to ensure that they are interviewed, photographed and properly identified by media outlets.

Backstage, the most frequent questions I get from reporters and photographers are, “Who is that?” or “What do they do?” I always have my IMBD app open and ready to quickly search and provide answers within seconds. (Free for Android and iPhone)


Fashion Week and the weeks leading up to it are stressful, to say the least. My schedule is filled with 15- to 20-hour workdays, sleepless nights, chaos, a to-do list that is pages long and an inbox that is consistently full of at least 100 unread emails. So, my essential personal app is Ambiance.

Ambiance allows you to curate your perfect ambient atmosphere by creating your own playlist of relaxing sounds. My personal favorites are from the meditation category—they help me to stay focused, keep my cool, and remind me that it’s PR, not the ER (which coincidentally is the name of my play list). (Free for iPhone)

Fashion GPS Radar

If you’re an editor attending the event, or if you’re involved in Fashion Week PR like me, you’ll need the invite-only Fashion GPS Radar app. Fashion GPS Radar is essentially the machine that makes Fashion Week possible. It’s the basis for everything we do in preparation—building invitation lists, sending out evites, managing RSVPS, assigning seats, creating virtual tickets for attendees and generating reports of who attended the event.

Fashion GPS Radar allows fashion-magazine editors to have all their show information at their fingertips, including show times, locations, seating assignments and bar codes that allow admittance to the show. There are very few, if any, editors that attend MBFW without the Fashion GPS Radar app. (Invitation only)

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