7 Best Apps for DIY Crafts and Projects

7 Best Apps for DIY Crafts and Projects

Maybe you’re trying to discover the perfect colors for a new paint job in the house, or maybe you want to turn that old t-shirt into a new tank top. Perhaps you just like to watch people do these things on one of the zillion DIY TV shows.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that DIY undertakings have got everyone buzzing. It’s why we at The Recapp decided to provide you with some sweet how-to and DIY apps for the most important gadget in your toolbox: your smartphone.

With Pinterest becoming one of the nation’s most favored social networks (ranked number three behind Facebook and Twitter), it’s no wonder why people are deciding to go back to the ancient art of handmade crafting and fixer-upping. Pinterest provides its users with amazingly simple projects and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas. Did you know that 13.4% of all total pins come from the DIY & Crafts category? That’s the second highest percentage behind the Food & Drink category.

We’ve included the best medley of Android and iPhone apps that will help you search for design ideas, inspire craft sessions and socialize with fellow DIYers while doing it all.


The popular social network Pinterest made its debut in app form back in December 2011. Since then, we have seen some amazing app upgrades and a rise in popularity for all walks of life. (Well, mostly female walks of life—80% to be exact.) Pinterest is an extremely useful and fun app to discover things you didn’t know you liked.

If you have an urge for a new project, begin exploring over 30 categories in the Pinterest app and website. Search with keywords or browse through the pins of those you follow. You may go into the app thinking you want to start one project and end up finding a completely different do-it-yourself endeavor. To separate your different ideas, you can create your own pin boards to house them all.

Pinterest does not have an Android app yet, but we are hoping for one soon. (Free for iPhone)


When searching for how to do something, why not use the world’s most popular web browser? Back in June, Google’s Chrome app came out of beta for Android and was released as an official app for iPhone, quickly becoming the top download of that week.

If you’re seeking websites that will assist you in on your DIY quest, Chrome can help you. The app has some serious speed power and is very cohesive with its desktop counterpart.

We love the Chrome app for its solid syncing abilities and simple interface. Mobile Chrome allows you to view your open tabs, passwords and bookmarks from other computers and devices that are simultaneously running the browser. Additionally, you can read web pages without being online because they are saved to your phone. Cool, right? (Free for Android and iPhone)


Craftgawker contains beautiful, high-quality images of DIY projects that, yes, even you can do! Craftgawker is an easy-to-use app and website that allows you to browse, search and submit photos and links of DIY and how-to projects.

The app is set up similarly to Pinterest, with visual content being the main focus. It’s a great app to use for inspiration and ideas for new projects; however, you cannot follow certain profiles (an aspect we’re not quite fans of), only seeing photos that have been submitted by other craftgawker users you may not know.

The app’s high-quality images make it a great resource for all of your DIY project inspiration, as well as for pins on Pinterest. The app also allows you to post submissions to your Pocket and Instapaper accounts, in addition to sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinboard. (Free for iPhone)


For all of your DIY projects or renovation ventures, you are going to need a way to organize them all. That’s where Springpad comes in. Springpad is a free app, website and Chrome browser extension that allows you to do a multitude of productive things and organize them in a meaningful way. The service has a Pinterest-esque feel, but with more capabilities such as creating notes, reminders, checklists and audio files, or saving clipped webpages, images and barcodes.

With this productivity app, you can organize by creating different notebooks (and customizing their designs) or tagging each post. We love the organization factor of this app with its intuitive interface and quality visual appeal. The app and website also allow you to follow and explore other notebooks to discover more inspiration. You can also make your own notebooks public so that you can share with others. Your notebooks on Springpad are stored in the cloud, so you can easily sync them with the website and multiple devices. Springpad also allows you to sync up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. (Free for Android and iPhone)

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

The Houzz app for iPhone might just be the best tool in your home-renovation toolbox. Houzz exists in both app and website form and provides you with over 500,000 photos of beautiful home designs for your browsing and idea-inspiring pleasure.  

The app totes an “ideabook” feature, similar to creating pin boards on Pinterest. While browsing, select a certain photo or product for an ideabook destination. You can create different ideabooks for different home-remodeling ventures, or download ideabooks from other users to get even more inspiration for how a room is put together from start to finish. (Free for iPhone)


Have you ever wanted to know how to make tasty saltwater taffy or your own bean-bag chair (honestly, who hasn’t)? WikiHow is a comprehensive, yet simple app for iPhone and Android devices that can help you figure out a multitude of your most burning questions and curiosities for loads of different DIY projects. Not to mention it boasts over 120,000 articles on its extensive database for you to search through.

What’s so great about wikiHow is that it provides you not only with fairly detailed step-by-step instructions, but also with tips, warnings and things you will need to complete your do-it-yourself undertaking. To get started, launch the app and pick a category or use the search tool to find that specific how-to guide. (Free for Android and iPhone)

Smart Tools

Your smartphone is your greatest tool in your toolbox, so we’re excited about the Android app, Smart Tools, which makes your mobile device even more useful. This app is jam-packed with over 15 different tools that you can use in your everyday life. It can help you measure distances, angles and even sound. It’ll shed some light on your life, literally—it has a duo-flashlight that can transform your Android phone’s screen into an LED light in seconds.

Smart Tools is your handy assistance for completing all those odd jobs and DIY projects quickly and efficiently. ($2.50 for Android)

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