5 Apps for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

5 Apps for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Get out your “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” pins, your wacky leprechaun hats and your green attire. March 17 marks one of the biggest party days of the year, and it’s an important date in Irish history. Let’s not forget that this holiday commemorates the death of St. Patrick, the fifth-century patron saint and national apostle of Ireland who introduced Christianity to the country. It’s said that he explained the Holy Trinity using what we know as the face of St. Patrick’s Day: the shamrock.

But if you’re not overly religious, Irish or a history buff, you probably only look forward to St. Patrick’s Day because of the massive party that ensues. Whatever boat you’re in, celebrate the day with a few festive and convenient apps. Locate bars and places that serve your favorite beer (let’s hope that’s green beer!), test your trivia knowledge of the holiday and find any business you need if you’re in a big city. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Recapp.


Besides corned beef and cabbage, the other edible symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is unarguably beer—only on this holiday do restaurants and bars dye their beer green. While celebrating St. Patty’s Day, make finding pubs that carry your favorite brews easy. FindMyTap is one of the best apps to help you of-agers locate your favorite beers at local bars near your current location.

The app is similar to Yelp’s GPS-based search engine, but it filters the destinations to bars and beers only. You can search for and browse through your beloved beverages and even suggest your favorite bars for inclusion. Bar owners should take advantage of this feature so they can generate more business on this popular drinking day. The app gives you directions, the ability to write reviews and a variety of search tools. Quench your thirst quickly and easily with this must-have app for beer lovers. Cheers to green beer! (Free for Android and iPhone)

Bubble Blast St. Patrick’s Day

Keep the Saint Patrick’s Day fun going year round with this special edition of Bubble Blast. To win, burst the colorful hats, balloons, shamrocks and pots of gold by creating chain reactions and eliminating as many as possible in as few clicks as you can.

Some of the icons are smaller than others and must grow to their full size before they can cause a chain reaction. But you only have a specific number of clicks—don’t waste them all on growing the icons or you’ll run out and lose the game. (Free for Android and iOS)

Taxi Magic

If you're going out to a pub for the night, you’ll probably want to opt out of driving; Taxi Magic will get you to and from your location with ease (and your safety in mind).

Simply choose a company from the area and send them an alert that you want to be picked up. Next, it’ll ask for your location and where you want to go. Once your addresses are entered, you’ll get a notification when your taxi has been dispatched and when it has arrived. It even provides you with a fare estimate and the ability to pay with a card through the app so you won’t have to worry about not having enough cash. (Free for Android and iPhone)


You may be dressed in your best Irish getup for the day’s festivities, but perhaps you want to know a little more about Ireland as well as the Irish holiday you are commemorating. iPUBQUIZ helps you test and gain Irish knowledge for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

The app is a quiz game that tests you on your St. Patrick’s Day familiarity. Challenge your friends to play this game with you while sitting at an Irish pub, or use it as an entertainment supplement while waiting for one of the parades to begin. (Free for iPhone)

MyCityWay Now

Are you heading to a bigger city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Download MyCityWay Now. This all-in-one local guide and travel app is über convenient for all your St. Patrick’s Day plans. Find Irish restaurants, pubs, parades, parking spots, restrooms and more to help you party the day away. This app makes it easy to find things to do and places to go on this beloved day of celebratory revelry.

The app is designed with common smartphone displays in mind, making it easy to swipe and browse through the 30+ categories that MyCityWay has to offer. We suggest that you browse through the Nightlife category to find out the fun happenings that go on in the city to make your night really count. This app is great not only for helping you celebrate special days such as St. Patrick’s Day but also as a convenient travel app for any trip. (Free for Android and iPhone)

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