5 Apps for Valentine’s Day

5 Apps for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing one’s love, and most people want that manifestation of love to be a romantic evening with hearts and flowers. So whether or not you choose a tiny heart-shaped tin of chocolates or a fragrant bouquet of roses, forgetting about February 14th is no longer an option—especially since we’re bringing you five Valentine’s Day apps to make sure the night runs smoothly.

These apps lend creative Valentine’s Day ideas to even the most luckless lothario, providing easy checkout and delivery for dinner, searchable restaurant databases and even a second chance at love. From gifts of flowers to restaurant reservations to finding a new paramour, these apps can change anyone into Cupid on Valentine’s Day.


With the 1-800-Flowers mobile app, start off the day by sending your sweetheart a bouquet of roses or a cluster of carnations delivered right to her workplace or home.

The app is divided by occasions, including Valentine’s Day. Simply choose from the photos, buy and send, and no one needs to know that you never set foot in a flower shop (or that you almost forgot and had to order them last minute!). (Free for Android and iPhone)


Valentine’s Day evening often starts with dinner. To make the night go down as smoothly as the wine you’re drinking, use OpenTable.

OpenTable is the mobile app counterpart of OpenTable.com, offering users the ability to make reservations at over 30,000 restaurants around the globe.

Search for a specific date and time and get anywhere from 20 to 100 results at once. But don’t get overwhelmed—users can also filter results by cuisine, price and neighborhood. The clean interface makes it easy to use, and the app also offers dining information and reward points at participating restaurants.
The best part? If a restaurant is booked solid, the app will recommend similar restaurants that can seat you, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the romantic date you had planned. (Free for BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS)

Hello Vino

Impress your date or long-time sweetheart by choosing the perfect wine for the occasion. With the Hello Vino wine app, all wine recommendations come complete with higher-end, popular and bargain-brand selections, along with other types of wine you might enjoy.

If you want to play the sommelier but are really just a wine newbie, take a snapshot of your wine label (an in-app purchase of $0.99 for 5 scans or $4.99 for unlimited scans), and Hello Vino will pull up all the information you need about the bottle—ratings, vintage, region and description. You can also add your own wine review after your romantic evening. (Free for Android and iPhone)


For those without a romantic partner on Valentine’s Day, there’s OkCupid, a social dating app from the online dating site OkCupid.com that lets users check who’s available and where.

To set up a profile, you’ll answer a variety of questions about yourself and upload a few flattering photos. After creating a thorough profile, the app allows you to customize searches to discover your closest matches, find them online, and send and receive messages.
For those of you who are lovelorn, you can also broadcast your location, just in case you’d like to meet up with some local love seekers. (Free for Android and iOS)

Bad Date Rescue

Unfortunately, not everyone’s Valentine’s Day goes as smoothly as they’d like. While we don’t want to rain on your parade regarding your big date night, there’s no guarantee that it’ll end in romance. And if all your friends have other plans, you’re going to need a backup in case things go awry (like if your date starts yelling at the waiter or picks their nose during dinner).

The peeps at eHarmony have had enough dating experiences to recognize the need for a Bad Date Rescue app. Schedule a rescue time and decide whether you want your mom, boss or neighbor to call with a frantic emergency. The app will call you at the chosen time so that you can make your hasty exit and enjoy the rest of the evening with a box of chocolates and your Netflix app. (Free for iOS)

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