Apps that Let You Create Your Own Audio Studio

Apps that Let You Create Your Own Audio Studio

Mobile audio apps come in all shapes and sizes. Some are so comprehensive that they’re used for professional field recordings and cost upwards of thirty dollars. On the other hand, some are completely free but don’t do much else than generate laser and bullhorn noises (see Mad Decent app, circa 2009). Then you have the mobile DJ kits, adjustable voice recorders and audio enhancers.

Here, we highlight a little bit of everything—a diverse bunch that lets you transform your smartphone or tablet into a personal audio studio. Whether recording, mixing, enhancing or creating audio, we have you covered with some of the finest and original audio apps to date.


If you’re the kind of person that knows how to take the party with you, download edjing. It’s an all-in-one DJ kit, turning your iPhone into a portable DJ booth that’s always ready to play. You can simply let songs play straight out of the app, or mix tunes yourself like a pro.

The app imports your favorites from iTunes or SoundCloud and functions as half game, half streaming platform. With tons of ways to mix tracks (including popular DJ techniques such as scratching), there’s no way to get bored with edjing.

Compatible with iTunes and Android platforms, edjing is a must-have for those who love mixing audio and being the life of the party all at once. (Free to $3.56 for Android and iOS)
Hokusai Audio Editor

This bare-bones app features touch-screen audio-editing capabilities to swipe, pinch and drag your audio clips around as needed. If the built-in editing tools aren’t enough for you, upgrade to the Pro Pack for more tools like pitch bending and distortion.

Either record on the spot or upload audio files into the app. Once you’re done, exporting files is a breeze. Convert your finished files to wave or MP4 format and send to your Dropbox account.

The audio-editing app is nothing flashy, but the whole point here is simplicity. Hokusai Audio Editor keeps audio editing precise and uncomplicated, providing the user with a nearly flawless experience. (Free to $9.99 for iOS)

Audio Xciter

One of the major pitfalls of playing music on your mobile device is the sound. Sometimes a device leaves your audio sounding flat, dull and crackly.

Audio Xciter boosts your sound and adds a level of richness and clarity that otherwise falls by the wayside. Whether it’s audiobooks, podcasts or music, it deserves to be heard in full sound. Audio Xciter helps you get there. (Free for Android, Free to $4.99 for iOS)


Developed by notable ambient-music pioneer Brian Eno and his colleague Peter Chilvers, the Bloom app allows you to create your own compositions and experience them both aurally and visually at the same time. Freshly pushed notes light up the screen, radiate outward and play back in a hypnotic rhythm.

While several years old, Bloom still functions on par with most modern apps. The app truly captures the beauty of musical creation, and for many music lovers, it’s considered a classic. ($3.99 for iOS)

The Voice Machine

If you’ve ever been a fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks, this app may just be a must-download for you.

The Voice Machine app lets you play with your own or your friend’s voice for hours on end. By adjusting the speed of your voice, you can make it squeak or boom. Not a lot of audio-editing apps leave room for laughter, so for that, The Voice Machine makes the cut. (0 to $0.99 for iOS)


iKaossilator is a favorite at The Recapp and one of our top music apps of 2012.  This KORG-produced app lets seasoned veterans create full, original electronic rhythms from the countless audio options. And for the rest of us, well, it’s still a ton of fun!

A noise-making glass pad serves as the centerpiece of the app, allowing the user literally thousands of options to choose from with a huge array of instruments and synthesizers built right in. The app has received international acclaim and is perfect for those who are looking to dig a little deeper into the realm of mobile audio production. ($19.99 for iOS)


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