Best iPhone Apps of 2012…So Far

Best iPhone Apps of 2012…So Far

Halfway through 2012, Apple’s iPhone has been busy serving as a playground for new apps. And with an estimated 72 million iPhones sold over the course of Q1 and Q2 of this year, according to statistics company Statista, it’s safe to say that these iPhone apps are getting some action.

We sorted through this year’s new and majorly updated iPhone apps, scouring the masses for the 10 best we think every iPhone user should have on his or her device. From swanky productivity apps that’ll make you want to create to-do lists for fun to amazing photography apps that trump your dust-collecting digital camera, we urge you to head to the App Store for these 10 impressive, must-have iPhone apps.

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With this sleek productivity app on our iPhones, we find ourselves making to-do lists simply for fun. But before you shout “Nerd alert,” you need to test Any.DO yourself.

Any.DO beams with an efficient and simple design, it offers cross-platform integration to constantly update your to-list wherever you are (a Chrome extension of the app launched with the iOS version this June), and it features those cool finger-swipe gestures we all love in apps these days.

Any.DO received rave reviews from the Android community last year. Whether you’re a methodical planner or not, download this free app for organizational bliss. (Free for Android and iPhone)


When you think about a modern smartphone, you may think about the impressive rear- and front-facing cameras, the super-fast connection speeds, or the constant social and local ties to the world around you. But do you remember the “phone” part of your device?

If you have no reason to remain excited about placing mobile phone calls, download Sidecar, an app that’s making phone calls awesome.

Sidecar lets you share photos with your friends while you’re on a phone call with them, but more impressive is the ability to share what you’re seeing at that moment—yep, live videos. You can also swap contacts in no time or share your GPS location on a map with your phone buddy, helpful when you’re trying to meet up at a busy spot. (Free for Android and iPhone)

Camera Awesome

We had to include a camera app on our list of this year’s “best ofs,” and with so many to choose from, we can assure you that Camera Awesome is one of the best (or most awesome, we should say) of the bests.

Camera Awesome combines the cool photo filters we’re now addicted to (thanks to apps like Instagram) with a thorough editing suite. But an easy trick we like to use on our photos is the “Awesomize” function that quickly spruces up color and shading in any photo.

We also love the 1-Tap and 0-Tap sharing capabilities, letting you share to various social networks in one or no taps, after you sync the app with your social-networking accounts. (Free for iPhone)

Draw Something

We’re not going to elaborate on why we chose Draw Something as one of the best iPhone apps of the year. If you don’t know why this Pictionary-inspired game app is addicting, it’s time to do yourself a favor and download the thing! (Just don’t blame us for the hours wasted at work while playing Draw Something with your friends.)

In all seriousness, Draw Something is the best game app because the numbers speak for themselves. The app by OMGPOP achieved 50 million downloads 50 days after its launch, and according to recent buzz, CBS is even planning to create a TV show based on the game. Now that’s when you know you’ve made it. (Free to $1.99 for Android and iPhone)


Tweeters, this one is for you. We asked our Twitter followers for their favorite app of the year, and the response came back “Viggle!” And why wouldn’t you vote for this app? It offers rewards for watching TV!

Without leaving your couch, the Viggle app lets you check in to your favorite TV shows, interact with social activity or voting pertaining to the show, and (the coolest part) earn points and rewards such as movie tickets and Starbucks gift cards. If you’re feeling like a good Samaritan, you can turn your points into charitable donations. The power of TV... (Free for iPhone)


Sparrow wowed iPhone users this year with a simple purpose: making the email experience more enjoyable. To do that, Sparrow implements a sleek interface, oodles of tiny-but-useful features (like incorporating your Facebook friends’ faces on their emails to you) and the all-mighty finger swipe functionality.

Sparrow lets you maintain multiple email accounts and navigate them easily. One example of what seems to be some Twitter inspiration: You can use your finger to swipe over an email and up pops a row of icons offering your standard email capabilities. You can also read threaded emails easily by pulling down on the respondents listed. ($0.99 to $2.99 for iPhone)


In June, the king of music apps announced a new feature that rivals its competitor, Pandora: free mobile radio. This feature was previously available for Spotify’s desktop users only, but now iPhone users can stream unlimited artists and tracks, plus create as many stations as you want.

The best part—considering Spotify Premium’s price tag of 10 bucks a month—is that the Spotify Radio service is completely free. (Free for iPhone)


It’s been your favorite app to check in to local restaurants and bars, all the while earning freebies such as appetizers and drinks as well as mayoral rights. Foursquare’s June update focuses on using the location app as not just something you launch when you arrive at a location; it wants to help you get there too.

Exploration is foursquare’s new motto—a big fat Explore button offers a Yelp-like search function for finding new places by you.

With version 5.0 on your iPhone, interaction with your foursquare peers is also enhanced, allowing you to read user reviews and comment on check-ins more easily. And there are plenty more features to drool over. (Free for Android and iPhone)


Instead of adding the infamous Flipboard app to our best-of list (which you probably already know about), we’re highlighting another personalized news app, ChannelCaster, from our good friends at OneLouder.

After exploring categories such as Sports, Life, On Campus and Featured, you can dive into loads of subcategories to find information that’s interesting to you. Remembering that OneLouder is known for their social savviness, ChannelCaster is giving you social news (tweets, posts, videos, etc.) from news and entertainment sources.

ChannelCaster then allows you to create a customized channel of news, incorporating Flickr pictures, RSS feeds, YouTube videos or social-networking updates that will be nicely organized into sections for your easy access. (Free for Android and iPhone)

N.O.V.A. 3

If you’re a gamer with an iPhone 4S, you need N.O.V.A. 3. This app from Gameloft begs to be played on a high-definition Retina screen, but honestly, it’s good on any one.

N.O.V.A. 3 has received insane reviews for its impressive graphics and attention to detail, which rival any action-packed game.

Continuing the N.O.V.A. series, your character Kal Warden travels to a beaten planet Earth to combat Volterites and Judgers. His mission, of course, is to save the planet and humanity itself. Luckily you have a whole bag of tricks to help him achieve that goal, and you’re sure to experience an adrenaline rush while immersed in this game.

Oh, and no complaining about the $6.99 price tag. It’s worth it. ($6.99 for Android and iPhone)

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