10 Best Paid Game Apps of 2012

10 Best Paid Game Apps of 2012

In 2012, eager developers created dozens of money-worthy mobile games. Each featured game in our “best of” list has its own strengths. The HD graphics in Yesterday are impressive, and the reincarnation of classics like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will leave you feeling nostalgic.

Certain games on our list are simply new versions of well-established hits, like Temple Run: Brave or Angry Birds Star Wars. The revamped classics top our list for a reason—they are on par with, if not beyond the quality of, the originals. Last but not least, running games like Rayman Jungle Run and Granny Smith put you on an endless yet entertaining running journey that makes you wonder how you could love a 2D game so much.

We did weeks of painstaking research and testing (OK, it was more fun than anything) to come up with our list of the 10 best paid game apps of 2012. These are the games that killed our spare time in the past year—and we’d be lying if we said we regretted it one bit.

Bad Piggies

The creators of Angry Birds just released the ultimate sequel—Bad Piggies, a new game from the pigs’ point of view. Help the pigs seek revenge by building heavy machinery to drive, fly and crash into the evil birds’ eggs. The interface is colorful and easy to use, just like all of Rovio’s creations. (Free for Android, $0.99 for iOS)

Temple Run: Brave

Temple Run addicts, rejoice. Imangi Studios released a new version of the popular game based on the Disney and Pixar movie, Brave.

Instead of monkeys in the Mayan Jungle, outrun Mordu, a demon bear, in Scotland. The differences between Brave and the original are mostly cosmetic, but the new version does offer an archery feature that the regular Temple Run doesn’t. ($0.99 for Android and iOS)

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph for the smartphone is based on the popular Disney film, but the app takes on an independent, addictive game element. That’s the least we’d expect from a game based on a film about arcade games.

Wreck-It Ralph offers four different mini games which harken back to different scenes of the film. Each one carries its own meaning, and you get all four games for one dollar. What a steal. ($0.99 for Android and iOS)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Besides its spruced-up HD graphics, the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game app is an authentic version of the ten-year-old original game.

Feel alive again in a town brimming with lights, crime and scandal. Partake in a number of questionable activities—from high-speed car chases to shooting people with your arsenal of guns. There’s nothing lackluster about this game. It’s just as exhilarating as ever. ($4.99 for Android and iOS)


This captivating mystery game will submerge you into a dark realm of murder, sex and corruption while you try to crack a case of criminal activity in New York City. Since the press doesn’t seem too concerned with the gruesome murder of homeless people, take on the role of Henry White, a rich volunteer keen on solving the mystery and finding out who exactly John Yesterday is, a man dragged into the plot after his memory is suddenly wiped. ($4.99 for Android, $7.49 for iOS)


If word games are your forte, try a creative version of a classic concept. SEGA developers recently released the Spellwood app, a Scrabble-inspired word game intertwined in medieval magic. Compete with friends or play as a single player. Gameplay starts with a word in the middle of the grid, and it’s your job to craft your own words with the given letters. The larger your words, the more points you earn and the more powerful the attack on your opponent is. ($1.99 for Android and iOS)

Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio developers incorporated the Angry Birds game with Star Wars theming and gave birth to a worthy spin-off of the original game. Angry Birds Star Wars retells the 1977 classic by taking you from Tatooine into space and eventually onto the Death Star through its 80 stages.

The Angry Birds themselves have transformed into main Star Wars characters, so instead of flinging the classic red bird, you now fling a red Luke Skywalker to take out the robe-wearing pigs. A dollar is chump change for an app of this quality and entertainment level. (Free to $2.99 for Android, $0.99 for iOS)

Amazing Alex

And yet another Rovio game app makes it to our list. Amazing Alex is a physics puzzle game that hit the top of the charts almost immediately after its release. The aim of the game is to create chain reactions to help your character, Alex, accomplish all kinds of tasks—from cleaning his bedroom to taking down robots in his back yard.

Amazing Alex takes place in a young, bored boy’s messy house. Piece together miscellaneous objects that are available to solve each puzzle. (Free to $0.99 for Android and iOS)

Granny Smith

The concept behind the Granny Smith game app is kind of random, but bear with us. Your mission is to control an old grandma on roller skates while she chases after an apple thief. You can either jump or glide on power lines with grandma’s cane.

Avoid obstacles like sheds, skyscrapers and hills to give granny a solid chance. Collect coins so you can power-up along the way with helmets, banana peels and baseballs—all in effort of slowing down and catching up to the mischievous thief. (Free to $1.99 for Android and iOS)

Rayman Jungle Run

Help Rayman, the legendary hero, run, fly and punch his way to the next level in this 2D running game with simple touch controls.

Rayman Jungle Run has a catchy soundtrack and stunning cartoon visuals that take you from your couch to a whimsical world of adventure and fun. Get from point A to point B by avoiding deadly obstacles, and save floating golden creatures, called lums, along the way. ($2.99 for Android and iOS)

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