Apps for Date Night

Apps for Date Night

Sure, apps can help you find someone to date (see “Online Dating Tips and Apps to Help You Find Love”), but there are also apps to help you plan the big night out. No matter how long (or not so long) you’ve been together, it can be difficult to plan a date night. Should you bring flowers? Where will you eat? How much money will you spend on dinner? (And who will pay!?) Will the movie selection make both of you happy?

Whether you’re going out with someone new or just keeping things alive with your significant other, here are four apps you can use to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your special evening.

1. 1-800-Flowers

There’s nothing like some flowers to impress your mate, and the 1-800-Flowers app will hook you up. The app has gift options ranging from “just because” flowers to “romantic” and “last-minute” gifts. You’re sure to find the perfect goodie, whether it’s your first date or a one-year anniversary. Is your lady allergic to flowers? Send her a fruit basket or some delicious cookies instead.

Once you’ve found the right bouquet, you can check out as a guest to get it done quickly (you waited until the last minute, didn’t you?) or create an account (worth doing if you have a lot of dates lined up). Tell the app where the flowers are headed, add a personalized message and submit your payment. The rest is up to you, Romeo. (Free for Android and iOS)

2. Food Network in the Kitchen

If you want to skip the restaurant and concoct a romantic meal, Food Network in the Kitchen will provide you the culinary inspiration you need. Choose from tens of thousands of user-rated recipes, filtering by your favorite chef, special events, cuisine and more. There are easy recipes if you’re a beginner and just want to make a quick appetizer, or there are more complicated recipes for the kitchen connoisseur.

You’ll stay organized with the built-in grocery list (don’t forget the wine and cheese!). There’s also a timer and a handy unit converter. If your date can’t stop swooning over your apple crisp after dinner, save the recipe to your recipe box and surprise her with it again on a special day.

The app is almost worth downloading for the mouthwatering pictures alone. (Free for Android and iOS)

3. Pair It!

We like to think of Pair It! (a food and wine pairing app) as the Bob Ross of the dinner table. The app brings ease to an otherwise complex art form (do you know what kind of wine will taste best with that stuffed mushroom appetizer?) by simplifying the process of matching your vino to your dinner. Just select your meal from a dropdown list, and you get matching wines.

Pair It! offers you the opportunity to show off and impress a date, even if the info doesn’t come straight from your own head. The app not only provides you with ideas, but also tells you why these flavors taste great together. You’ll actually look like you know what you’re talking about!

If you want to be a bit more honest with your date, the two of you can turn your meal into a flavorful, culinary adventure. The app has a slot machine feature, which chooses a wine for you at random. This is a great way to try something new—together. ($4.99 for iOS)

4. Fandango Movies

Your diligently planned candlelit dinner and carriage ride in the park got rained out. Now what?

There’s no shame in the old standby date—dinner-and-a-movie. And for that, you need a great movie ticket app (a must-have app for date night).

Fandango allows you to quickly look up movie times and theater listings, but it also has detailed movie descriptions, reviews and even full movie trailers. This way, the two of you can see what’s available and arm yourselves with all of the information you need to find (or maybe compromise on) something you’ll both enjoy.

When you’re ready to buy tickets, you won’t have any difficulty figuring out how it all works—just know that you need to create an account before you buy. If you store your credit card information in advance, checkout time is even speedier. (Free for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows)

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