Apps that Help You Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Apps that Help You Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is the perfect time to start making smart and healthy lifestyle changes —and, in many cases, recommitting to resolutions from years past. Making a list of challenging and practical goals is easy, but actually finding solid, successful ways to follow through with each goal is where we grow frustrated and end up saying, “Eh, to heck with it. Maybe next year.” Next year is now.

A key factor in sticking with resolutions is utilizing your resources, especially the ones at your very fingertips. Whether you’ve decided to go with the basics—weight loss, money matters, health improvements—or you want to try something new, there are tons of useful apps that are happy to cheer you on and keep you accountable to your New Year’s resolution.

While resolutions vary from person to person, The Recapp has selected a few apps that will keep you organized, inspired and focused, particularly on some of the most common lifestyle modifications people choose to make every year: weight loss, money saving and quitting smoking.

Best of luck and Happy New Year! Here’s to a new you!

All My New Year Resolutions 2012

Congrats! You’ve made a list of all your New Year’s resolutions! So, now what? Once you’ve decided what you’re going to change or improve about yourself this year, you’ll need something to keep you motivated and on your toes. That’s where All My New Year Resolutions comes in.

The New Year’s resolution app allows you to keep track of your goals for the year and share your milestones (both good and bad) with family and friends via text, email or social networks. You can also set up resolution reminders that are synced with iPhone’s calendar notifications. The app isn’t snazzy or revolutionary, but it’s much more encouraging as a personal cheerleader and useful than that handwritten list you lost on January 2nd! ($0.99 for iPhone)

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker from My Fitness Pal

It’s a good guess that the most common New Year’s resolutions are related to weight loss, health and nutrition. Insane amounts of money are spent each year on diets and workout programs (especially in January) but it’s no secret that simply eating healthfully and working out will make the most significant impact overall.

To help track how many calories and nutrients you’re taking in versus what you’re sweating out, download the well-received fitness app, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal. The app lets you easily document, share and manage your progress, all with a few clicks, taps and swipes (and maybe a few jumping jacks thrown in for good measure).

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is the perfect fitness app for anyone looking to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the New Year, without splurging on fad diets and overpriced fitness programs. Oh, and did we mention the app is free? We’re sure your wallet and waistline will thank you! (Free for Android and iPhone)

Mint Personal Finance

Another popular resolution made each year is the promise to gain control of finances, pay off debt, and create and maintain a sensible budget. With’s Personal Finance app, you have your very own pocket-sized accountant.

The finance app is the perfect solution for anyone who constantly finds him- or herself cursing at bank statements and making the same monetary mistakes over and over again. By putting all of your financial information in one super-secure place, you can easily manage your income, assess your priorities and deficits, and begin making more educated decisions about what will happen to your money in the future. And best of all, the app is free (the most reasonable price for any financial help app)! Congrats; you have already taken the first step toward improving your financial woes. (Free for Android and iPhone)

LiveStrong My Quit Coach

People all over the world vow to give up smoking cigarettes each year, but because it’s such an intense addiction to overcome, it is often a resolution that goes painfully unfulfilled.

Despite the powerful hold cigarettes might have on you or a loved one, it is still possible to take a step in the right direction with the help of LiveStrong’s My Quit Coach. The free app creates a customized plan that helps you cut back or quit altogether based on your level of commitment. It also keeps track of your usage, shares your progress with those you care about and helps you fight those awful cravings with endless tips and encouragement. Nobody wants to be a quitter, but this is one instance where it could truly save your life. Why not start this year? (Free for iPhone)

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