Apps for Halloween Ghost Hunters

Apps for Halloween Ghost Hunters

Halloween is the perfect time to play the role of ghostbuster. No, we aren’t talking about dressing up as Peter Venkman to win the Halloween office party. Gather up your friends and plan a ghost hunt this season!

We’ve found a collection of apps to help you be real detectives and produce proof of the paranormal. Even if you are a skeptic, trekking around town looking for spirits with your smartphone can be fun.


If you’re looking to create your own adventure this Halloween, this app is for you. With hundreds of locations and new places being added by users every day, this app lets you explore modern ruins using your GPS location. You can find overgrown buildings, forgotten hotels, empty hospitals and even eerie ghost towns with sleepy cemeteries.

You can follow where others have gone before by searching through an alphabetized state list (yeah, we told you there were a lot!) or by going straight to the interactive map and clicking a pinpoint near you. The details page for each location includes a user submitted photo, an address, and longitude and latitude coordinates, as well as a detailed description about the history of the location. A five-star rating system allows users to rate the location, and you can even leave a comment (or warning!) for other visitors. If you decide to check out a location you found on Abandoned, upload an image to prove you were there. Or, add a new pin to the map with a place you discovered on your own. ($2.99 for iPhone)

Ghost Hunter M2

This is the ultimate ghost-hunting toolkit for any paranormal enthusiast. It comes loaded with a sensor sweep, EMF and EVP readers, audio detector, and more for all your spirit-snooping needs. Caution: this app may creep you out; we recommend keeping a friend nearby.

Although advanced, the app is very easy and straightforward to use. Aside from the algorithms that analyze and report on various energy levels around you, all you need to do is select which feature to start with and press on or off. Yup, it’s that simple. You’re on your way to becoming a legit investigator already.

The readings the app picks up may scare you. The tools are sensitive to variations in our environment that we don’t detect naturally. Now you can put your suspicions to rest and find out if those bumps in the night are actually someone from the other side. ($0.99 for iPhone)

Ask the Dead

A spooky Halloween night isn’t complete without trying to communicate with the dead. Dim the lights, remove distractions and download the Ask the Dead app for a little deadly fun.

With this app, you can either use the Ouija Board or conduct your own séance, complete with a digital candle. In both cases, the user must place a finger on the screen to reveal the thoughts of the dead. If the spirits cooperate, the Ouija planchette glides across the lettered board to spell out the answer to your question. In the case of conducting a séance, the digital candle flickers once for yes and twice for no.

Gather your friends and family to connect with those that have crossed over. Whether you’re a believer or not, the experience is fun and could send chills up your spine. ($0.99 for iPhone)

Ghost Capture

They say police work is 99% boredom and 1% pure hell. One might say the same thing about ghost hunting. For all those times you come home empty handed, you might want to install Ghost Capture, a photo app that deftly blends creepy images on top of your existing smartphone photos.

Take a new photo or choose from one already in your camera roll. Swipe through the gallery of spooky ghosts and superimpose one over an image. You can choose from creepy Victorian children, blurred faces, headless torsos and soldiers lost in battle. After the ghost image is placed on your photo, you can adjust the opacity with the horizontal bar, rotate, flip resize the figure, and move it anywhere on the screen . With the right manipulation, you could creep out even your most skeptical friends.

The app also lets you save and share your spectral vision across social networks, letting your friends weigh in on the authenticity of your latest ghost story. ($0.99 for iPhone)

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