Top 5 Apps for Writers

Top 5 Apps for Writers

With so many life stories to tell and so many outlets to tell them with, it seems like everyone wants to be a writer these days. And why shouldn’t they? Writing is therapeutic, it captures moments in time and allows us to better understand one another and ourselves.

But not everyone has the ability to sit at the computer screen or a page of empty notebook paper, waiting for the ideas to come. Writing on the go has become much more of a regular routine for some, and it makes perfect sense why: good apps for writers.

Whether you’re a novice writer, an author or someone who likes privately documenting their day-to-day observations, there are tons of great tools and resources that encourage you to keep the prose flowing. From personal journals and reference guides to blogging platforms and writers’ short-cuts, The Recapp rounded up five apps that will help you get closer to whatever it is you want to achieve creatively.

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When it comes to writing and editing sans distractions, the PlainText app is the perfect tool. This app’s sleek and simple interface allows writers with all intentions to take a no-frills approach to creating and editing content. PlainText is especially great for in-between writing, when a project you’ve been working on needs tending to before you’re back at the computer screen, and it even works without an Internet connection.

What sets PlainText apart from iPhone’s default Notes app is the ability to organize text into folders and sync your work with Dropbox. The free app prioritizes organization, simplicity and security—three key factors for any writer. When you’re ready to tune out and get down to business, whether working on a novel, editing memos or creating HTML code, PlainText is your best bet. (Free for iPhone)

My Daily Journal

If you find scribbling in pocket-size journals a bit dated and you aren’t quite ready to share your adventures with everyone on the Internet, My Daily Journal might just be your happy medium. With this iPhone app, you can quickly and easily document the details of your day without worrying about an audience or fretting over your choice of words.

My Daily Journal lets you snazz up your new password-protected diary with handwriting-inspired fonts, “paper” options and background-picture personalization. It also lets you keep track of your entries with a calendar view and a convenient search feature. The app is great for anyone who doesn’t necessarily want to wait until the day’s end to recap memories and intimate moments. ($1.99 for iPhone)


If you’ve decided to take the leap in posting your personal musings to the Internet, Tumblr is the perfect app for you. While there are dozens of blogging platforms and apps, we think Tumblr is the most efficient way to document the details, thanks to six basic input options: video, photo, text, link, quote and audio.

Once you sign up and choose a customized theme and blog name (you can also opt to remain anonymous), the posting is simple. With just a few quick taps, your pictures, funny stories and anecdotes are pushed to the Internet, ready to be seen and read by the world. It’s a great way to get feedback on your writing and share your adventures with family and friends. There’s even a dashboard feature that lets you smoothly scroll through other users’ posts, which is great for inspiration. (Free for iPhone and Android)

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Having access to a dictionary and thesaurus is a no-brainer for a writer. And while there are tons of free, accessible reference guides out there, AED distinguishes itself by providing the definitions for more than 1.6 million words and showing you how every word is linked together. This helps you better understand the complete meaning, allowing you to use it in the best, most accurate way possible.

AED is comprehensive, speedy and ad-free. When you’re stuck on a word or facing a case of writer’s block, the app helps research alternative routes to the perfect sentence. This reference app will keep you on your toes as a writer and a reader, and it is certainly a staple for writers (or any smarty-pants). ($0.99 for iPhone)

Dragon Dictation

While a lot of writers like to dive right into the story, many spend the early part of the writing process just getting down ideas, releasing their disconnected thoughts onto paper. Enter: Dragon Dictation, which lets you compose your stream of consciousness (almost) hands-free. With this app, you simply press record, speak your prolific, disjointed sentences clearly into the phone and wait a few seconds while it generates exactly what you said.

Apple’s latest voice-command system, Siri, has revolutionized how we communicate and relay information, but those who don’t have access to the iPhone 4S (or even those who do) can download Dragon Dictation. The app makes it easy to send dictated messages to Twitter and Facebook as updates, email essay notes to yourself or even send a quick text to a friend. But most importantly, it makes it easier to capture all your great ideas for future pieces of writing. Dragon Dictation lets you say it now and write it later. (Free for iPhone)

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