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1Weather boasts one of the most intuitive user interfaces we’ve seen in a weather app. And before you insist that you’re content with your trusty old weather app already, give this free Android app from OneLouder a try.

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The folks at social-app developer OneLouder launched 1Weather in January, and it’s received incredibly favorable reviews since then for three reasons: It has an extremely intuitive, clean and easy-to-use interface, it has all the information you need, and it’s free. We agree with all of that, plus we’re happy to see OneLouder still manages to incorporate its social touch into the weather app with weather-related Twitter feeds.

To navigate 1Weather, you simply swipe left and right to access the main eight pages of the app. You can tap the icons at the bottom of the pages too, but other than that, there is minimal effort on your part to tap icons and boxes. Just swipe away. All pages are clutter-free and very digestible, which is what you want when you simply need to know whether or not to grab your rain coat.

After the app determines your location (or you manually select your city or zip code), the first page of the app appears with your basic local weather information: the date; the current high and low temperature; an animated image of the current conditions; plus small icons at the bottom of the page representing humidity, precipitation and wind speed. A seven-day forecast sits on the next page, and if you tap one of the days, you’re taken to a page with an overall look at the day’s general information.

1Weather realizes that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine every day around the country, so it lists any severe weather notifications you need to know about. Hopefully, though, you’ll see a message indicating there’s no weather warning for your area, along with, “Unless you are a crazy storm chaser, this is good.”

It also displays seven-day chances of precipitation in percentages and inches with simple, rotating images. You can view three different types of weather maps (radar, air-quality index and UV index), and with any of these, you can zoom in. Or check out the sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times, accompanied again by a simple animated picture representing the current time of day.

OneLouder inserts its personal touch. You can browse a frequently-updated Twitter feed of weather-related tweets from your local area, many including hasthtags with your local area name. If images are more your thing, you can browse user-generated Top Weather Pics. (Think pretty sunsets and snow-kissed trees.)

We also love the fact that you can customize the app with simple things like backgrounds and font colors. Additionally, once you install 1Weather, the current temperature sits in your Android’s upper navigation bar, so you always know the temperature around you.

Reviewed: Apr 30, 2012 |

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