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2x Battery

By A0Soft Inc.


This app delivers some battery-saving settings along with a nifty status list about your battery, so you can see what is draining your battery life and how much time you have before your battery goes dead.

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2x Battery helps you make the most of your Android battery life by giving you greater control over some settings, such as letting you intermittently turn on and off your mobile data at certain times, including when your phone is in standby mode.

What we like best about this app—in addition to extending your battery use—is the detailed status listing of your battery life. An icon in your status panel quickly tells you how charged your battery is. Enter the app and tap status for more information, such as the percentage of battery used in the time since you last charged the device. There is an estimate of how much time (in hours and minutes) your battery has left on its current charge, and a percentage of battery life that has been used in the past 30-or-so minutes.

The free version of 2x Battery is ad-supported and has limited functionality. An upgrade to PRO will give you more battery-saving options, such as a night mode that gives you better control of your data connections after dark.

The app’s settings panel gives you the day and night options. You can, for example, specify the data-connection interval when the screen is off (or turn it off completely). This allows you to keep your data connection on only periodically when you don’t need it, but it also lets your phone communicate intermittently with its network.

Other options include setting a delay from the time you turn on or unlock your screen to the time your phone connects to the network. You can also add apps to a whitelist, which maintains data connections at all times when those apps are running.

In addition, 2x Battery lets you put a virtual filter on the screen to reduce its brightness and save battery life. You control the transparency of the black filter (other colors are available with a PRO upgrade).

Reviewed: May 14, 2012 |

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