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Now you can put all of the resources and security associated with AAA on your device and cruise the American highways with the foremost name in automotive travel.

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Remember the days when your parents packed you up in the station wagon, ready to hit the road with a two-inch thick folded-up collection of AAA TripTik papers? It had everything in it: Highlighted roadmaps, restaurant destinations, service stations, historical sites, you name it.

Like those papers, the AAA TripTik Mobile app is thick with information, and it all fits on your iPhone.

There are two main settings on this app: Explore and Navigate. The Explore setting allows you to see what is happening locally in your immediate area. Icons at the bottom of the screen explain what is flashing on your map: Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Gas Power, and the nearest brick-and-mortar AAA location. Click on any of those icons on the map, and the information per that specific entry is laid out in front of you. Quick, simple, thorough. 

The Navigate option is where the AAA app really shines. First, allow the app to use your current location. Then, key in where it is you want to go, from the neighborhood deli to your final destination in Maine. The app calculates the best route and all of the necessities you will need along the way. Everything available in the Explore option is available to you for your entire journey.

When you get lost or travel off the planned path, just hit the Co-Pilot button or shake the device, and AAA TripTik recalculates your position and gets you back on the right track. Or, it will give you what you need to enjoy yourself while you stay off of it.

The app also allows you to enter your AAA membership number (you don’t need one to enjoy the app, though) and quickly contact AAA should you need roadside assistance. You can also join AAA using the app and offer customer feedback.

With AAA TripTik, the enthusiasm for a good old-fashioned road trip is greater than ever, but all that paperwork is gone.

Reviewed: Jun 11, 2012 |

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