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If you love to know all things weather, you can do better than the AccuWeather app.

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2/5 Stars
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For such a big player in the forecasting biz, we’re sad to say that the GPS-based AccuWeather app reeks of amateurism. Yes, there’s a map feature, which not all weather apps provide, plus you can set alerts for specific times and dates. Going to the beach Sunday afternoon? Set a rain alert. Playing hooky to go snowboarding on Wednesday? See if there’ll be fresh powder. The app also delivers the basics you expect: weather in hourly, day, night and 15-day increments, plus humidity, air pressure, wind speeds and RealFeel temperatures.

As weather apps go, this is adequate stuff, but other apps (like Weatherbug) give you much more — including mini-forecasts, pollen count, Doppler radar and even daily sunrise and sunset times.

AccuWeather also provides a collection of “indices” (“skiing,” “UV rays,” etc.). The idea is to help you see if the waves will be just right for surfing, or if the allergens in the air are going to kill your sinuses. It’s a good idea, but the feature is curiously useless. The interface is unintuitive, and the statuses are described only by a color icon (red, yellow or green) and a descriptor like “Poor” or “Excellent.” We need more information than a green circle to help us plan our day!

Our big gripe, though, is that the app was obviously written for iOS and then someone did a slapdash Android version. In other words, it looks lousy. Top to bottom, there are better weather apps for your phone.

Reviewed: Jun 08, 2011 |