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Al Gore – Our Choice

By Push Pop Press, Inc.


The environmental movement goes digital thanks to Al Gore’s passion for his political cause and e-book technology.

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Al Gore may be a man who needs no introduction. Since serving as Vice President under Bill Clinton and running for the high office himself, he has become the political face of the environmental movement. Chances are you are in one of three camps: love him (for his dedication to his cause), hate him (for his preachy messages) or respect him (for moving past the election victory that wasn’t).

The opinion you hold may already determine whether or not you’ll shell out $4.99 for an e-book app with his name on it, but there is much more to Our Choice than Al Gore. It is not only a beautiful app, but it could very well be a glimpse into the future of publishing.

Okay, well, Al Gore’s face is the first thing you’ll see. He’s featured in a quick video explaining how the app works, but it’s surprisingly simple. The 2011 winner of the Apple Design Award is a fully interactive e-book. Photos, videos and graphs are integrated into the text with expandable and playable multitouch controls. The media is even geotagged on a world map that also shows your location. The idea is to create awareness of environmental issues all over the world, some perhaps not very far from where you live.

It’s easy to get caught up in the sheer elegance of this environmental e-book app’s interface. If this is the future of publishing, then you can count us in. That being said, don’t forget that Our Choice is a “go green” app with an environmental message. If you’re looking for one, the text provides a compelling case for the need to protect the environment. If you’ve already joined the environmental movement, this e-book app will make a great addition to your informational repertoire.

It should be noted that every penny of your $4.99 goes to the nonprofit Alliance for Climate Protection. And the only reason this green app gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that, as an e-book, it’s better suited to run on a tablet. It runs great on the iPhone as well. It’s just...tinier.

This environmental e-book app is included in a scenario about green apps for America Recycles Day.

Reviewed: Nov 09, 2011 |