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Alarm Clock Xtreme

By Angle Labs


Do you have problems hitting the snooze, then accidentally oversleeping? Wake up gently and avoid unintentionally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme. This alarm clock and timer includes features that tackle excessive snoozing. We’re talking math problems…

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Whether you want to wake up peacefully and gradually in the mornings or you need a swift kick in the butt, Alarm Clock Xtreme is your must-have alarm clock app (provided you’re an Android user, that is).

If your body needs some extra time to become alert in the morning, use this app to set your alarm so that it will gradually wake you up by starting out soft then increasing in sound every time it goes off. You may want to set your alarm so that the snooze duration decreases after every time you hit the button, and you can even set a maximum number of snoozes so that you don’t sleep the morning away.

A small-but-helpful feature is the app’s extra-large snooze button. Ever think you’re pressing the snooze button when you’re actually turning your alarm off? Yeah, those mornings are never good.

If you still don’t trust yourself to get out of bed, do some math—really. Alarm Clock Xtreme has a feature where you have to solve a math problem before the alarm will turn off. That will really get your brain in gear to start the day.

Although some may call it a rude awakening, Alarm Clock Xtreme was voted Best Android Alarm Clock App by Lifehacker. The app’s features also include music alarms, random song alarms, shake to snooze and dismiss features, and countdowns to alarms. Bonus: You could use this as a timer app too.

Reviewed: Aug 28, 2012 |

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