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By Fabian Lüghausen


AlarmDroid is a simple alarm clock app for Android, with a few tricks up its sleeve. Flipping over a phone to snooze? Pretty neat.

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AlarmDroid is pretty straightforward, with all the usual features of an alarm clock and timer, but with a few flairs.

We think its most notable feature is the flip’n’snooze, which allows you to simply flip your phone over in order to turn off your alarm for those blissful, five extra minutes of sleep.

On the other hand, AlarmDroid also includes features that don’t let you go overboard with your snoozing. You can set a maximum amount of snoozes that you are allowed until you absolutely must get out of bed. (Well, if you’re willing to follow that rule of yours.)

On top of the snooze features, AlarmDroid provides a speaking clock that will announce the time and weather when your alarm goes off, and you can even set Internet radio stations as your alarm tone. It also shows you a countdown of when your next alarms will sound, and if they are disabled or not. You can control each alarm individually, allowing you to set the volume on high for your wake-up alarm, or set a reminder alarm in the middle of the day on vibrate, as to not disrupt your coworkers.

AlarmDroid is just fancy enough to include multiple alarm features, yet it’s simple enough to use quickly and easily. If you need a no-fuss wake-up call, this is the alarm app for you.

Reviewed: Aug 28, 2012 |

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