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Your own virtual butler recommends local places to eat and drink based off of your favorite restaurants. The Alfred app is a simple yet solid restaurant finder.

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What's fun about Alfred, aside from the robot butler character’s cute handlebar moustache, is that this restaurant-finder app is created to “learn” what you like after you input your favorite eateries, bars and cafés. The final result from Alfred is a list of personalized recommendations for your next morning, day or night out.

We gave Alfred some of our favorite spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and using our location, the app came up with similar restaurants complete with location information. After telling it we love an Indian food buffet for lunch, Alfred gave us six Indian restaurants in a 10-mile radius, including three we didn’t even know existed. The more you share with the app, the more it narrows down your individual tastes. Each restaurant also comes with magazine-quality photos of dishes that may make your stomach growl.

This app will take a while to learn your palate, so give yourself a few minutes a day to answer Alfred’s questions in order for it (rather, he) to make the most educated guesses. He is, after all, attempting to give you the best service possible.

Reviewed: Apr 23, 2012 |