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All My New Year Resolutions

By KaKE Software


Whether you’re giving up smoking or you’re determined to lose over 10 pounds, All My New Year Resolutions will help you track your progress as you reach your goal. It also keeps you motivated thanks to its social network integration!

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A scribbled list of your New Year’s resolution is definitely a great start to a new and better you, but why not take your goals one step further? The All My New Year Resolutions app allows you to easily document, track and share the progress (or disappointment, ouch) of your resolutions through email, text, Facebook and Twitter updates. You can accompany each resolution update with an icon that indicates whether you were happy, somewhat satisfied, angry or sad about your latest milestone. Or you can upload a picture that shows exactly where you stand. For example, if you lost a few inches from your waistline, you can share a pic of the new pants you bought. Take that, Christmas cookie weight!

This organizer app also keeps track of all your updates in one window so you can easily see if smiley faces are trumping angry ones—an indication you may need to adjust your routine. You can also opt to sync All My Near Year Resolutions with the calendar on your iPhone in order to receive daily, weekly or monthly notifications regarding the upkeep of your resolutions. Second to taping little notes around your home and office, this system is an excellent digital support system for keeping you encouraged and committed to your goals.

The app is pretty basic as far as design goes, and its clunky user interface could definitely use some work. However, if you need a little extra push to fulfill your goals for the upcoming year (and beyond), All My New Year Resolutions does the trick and keeps you accountable.

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