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Overview’s Dinner Spinner app lets you create a meal specifically tailored to the ingredients you want or have. Or use it to come up with dishes completely at random. Who says dinner prep can’t be fun?

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Get Dinner Spinner! + Add to Favs’s Dinner Spinner app is one of the best recipe apps we at The Recapp have ever come across because never before has dinner prep been so much fun.

Open the app and let the good times roll. Or, more accurately, spin. There are literally thousands of permutations and tens of thousands of recipes at your fingertips. All you have to do is spin the wheel.

There are three wheels, to be exact. The top wheel is for all of the dish types—main, salad, appetizer, etc. The middle is based on ingredient type, from fish to legumes. The bottom wheel is for cooking times—slow cook, 20 minutes and over an hour, for instance.

Start at the top wheel and work your way down. We selected Main Dish, Grain, 45 Minutes or Less. Our result? 50 recipes, with the option for 50 more, then 50 more, then 50 more. This recipe app’s volume is tremendous.

Dinner Spinner then sorts recipes into four categories: Relevance, Rating, Title and Popularity. We like crowd pleasers, so we went for Popularity, thereby getting another 50 recipes, with the option for 50 more.

Next, we selected a recipe. (We thought the butternut squash dish sounded tasty.) Dinner Spinner lists everything you’ll need to make the dish properly, including ingredients, summaries, prep time, cook time, nutritional information and user reviews. Doesn’t sound like what you wanted? No problem, tap Back and you’re back on to search the list again.

Say you don’t have time to run to the market and you have to cook what’s sitting in your fridge. (You can stare at those yams all day and they won’t cook themselves!) With the Dinner Spinner app, you can enter any ingredient you have at home into the second wheel.

Feeling spontaneous? Just shake the device and let the spinner come up with a dish for you. It’s not only packed with recipes and all of their permutations and possibilities, but it’s super fun to use too.

You can also tag your favorites, search for specific recipes, see what is featured on the app and make your own lists. Want to share your findings? You can create an account and log in to Facebook or Twitter. You can even post your own recipes. This app truly has it all.

Never again will you struggle with that timeless question: What should we have for dinner? Or lunch? Or a snack? Or salad? Or cookies? Or side dishes? Or soups? Or...

Reviewed: Sep 10, 2012 |

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