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AllSport GPS

By Trimble Navigation Limited


AllSport GPS isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a serious athlete who likes to map your runs and rides or track workout data, you may just love it.

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AllSport GPS is an app for the meticulous and (most likely) obsessive individual athlete. Using your phone’s GPS, it tracks the progress of your workout on a map and keeps track of a shocking amount of data and statistics: speed, distance, calories burned, elevation, pace, heart rate, etc. You can also shoot and share photos and videos through the app.

We tested AllSport with running and walking, but it also works for hikes, surfing, snowboarding and a number of other individual sports — even parkour! You can save your workouts and race against them next time, or post your sweat-drenched escapades for your lazy friends on Facebook and Twitter to see.

While all of this is cool, it’s for a very particular type of athlete. If you’re training for a marathon or a cross-country skiing race, it might be for you. The data is fun to collect, and in a sport where you’re competing against yourself, it’s good to have a digital competitor to chase. But not everyone will have use for AllSport.

Reviewed: Jun 08, 2011 |