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Amazon Mobile

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Amazon Mobile isn’t your go-to app if you’re looking to comparison shop, but if you have an Amazon account, it makes for super-easy online shopping. 

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Amazon Mobile is a dream and a nightmare mixed into a single app. It’s a dream because a) it’s Amazon and b) it’s so well-designed. As for the nightmare? Well, just ask our bank accounts about that.

For the avid Amazon shopper, Amazon Mobile is an absolute must. Use the app to search for the best Amazon deals by category or check out your recommendations. See something you like? Add it to your cart to purchase right from the app. Or, you can save it to your wish list in hopes that someone might be an angel, look up your wish list, and get it for you.

At the store and see something you want? Use your device’s camera to scan the item’s bar code, and dive into an Amazon search for a quick price comparison. Just add the item to your cart and keep browsing or check out right then and there.

We love this app because it does almost everything that you can do on the web-based version of Amazon in a much more mobile and convenient way. Find daily deals, purchase gift cards or find someone else’s wish list or registry. You can also track your orders and manage Amazon subscriptions.

The most dangerously addictive feature of the app? One-click activation. Enabling this setting will allow you to purchase items with a single tap of the finger. (Then again, if you have little ones who play with your smartphone, it might be a good idea to disable this setting.)

There is one thing that the app is missing: the ability to leave seller feedback. But that’s not enough to deter us from using this app.

Reviewed: Jul 08, 2013 |

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