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Life can be crazy. Why not use an app to help you relax? Ambiance gives you access to more than 2,500 free sounds—from nature sounds to relaxing sounds—so you can tune in, zone out and breathe deeply.

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Sure, many of us like to listen to music when we’re feeling stressed. (We at The Recapp have Pandora and Spotify at our fingertips for those times.) But then we found Ambiance, an app that plays, well, ambient sounds to help us zone out and relax. It’s the type of “music” you hear at a spa, but now you can enjoy it anywhere you go with this app.

The Ambiance homepage offers up 12 categories of sounds. The most popular category we frequented was the Featured category. In this section, you can browse new, popular and highly rated sounds. Each sound name is listed next to a descriptive image, too, so you can begin to envision the types of things you’ll hear. When you tap a sound, you can share it with all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, preview it, and download it.

Here’s our beef with the app: More than 2,500 of the sounds are free, but you still have to tap Download and click through the “Are you sure you want to download this?” annoying pop-up in order to download the sound. The download then takes about a minute or two to fully download. We’d like that process to be a bit simpler and quicker, but remember, we’re the stressed-out, antsy people that need to use this app, so what do we know?

What is simple, though, is Ambiance’s QuickStart feature. This is convenient when you don’t want to sort through your library of sounds and you just want the music to start playing. Enable QuickStart, and your favorite sound or a sound from your playlist will begin to play as soon as you open the app.

Other features in Ambiance include its Backup feature (in case you’ve worked very hard on building your library of soothing sounds and don’t want to chance losing them), an alarm tool (wake up to the crashing ocean waves) and a recorder tool (for what, we’re really not sure). 

Reviewed: Feb 06, 2012 |

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