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Android Booster

By NQ Mobile


Get one of the best Android battery apps, plus an arsenal of other helpful utility features, with Android Booster.

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Android Booster is a free app designed primarily for managing applications and phone storage, but it’s also packed with other handy features including battery saving. Quite simply, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of utility apps.

Booster boils your phone’s “optimization” down into a handy star rating, with an equally handy “ Optimize” button to quick fix whatever ails your device. If you’re anything like us, though, you want to know what exactly that “Optimize” means (and why your phone only has 3.5 stars out of five). Luckily, the tale of your phone’s inner workings, and the potential for customization, is really what this app is designed for.

If you have limited talk minutes, text messages or, perhaps most dangerously, data on your phone plan, you can manage all three from Android Booster. Set your limits, set your monthly start date and you’ll be warned if you come near—or go over—your monthly allotment.

The app’s battery readings are accurate. Android Booster shows you your current battery life and a breakdown of juice use, as well as a list of useful tips for extending your battery’s life. One such tip is that you should only let your phone fully drain and recharge once a month. (Probably less than you’re accustomed to.)

Booster also monitors your network bandwidth, GPS, processing power and privacy settings. Sure, these are a lot of things that you probably already have on your phone, but with Android Booster, they appear in one place, with more detail and with extra bells and whistles. For example, there are extra utilities that can be installed to keep certain texts and calls in a “secret box,” or block calls and texts from certain numbers (believe it or not, some Android phones can’t do this on their own).

No word yet on whether or not Android Booster developer NQ Mobile has reached an endorsement deal with Tiger Woods...

Reviewed: May 14, 2012 |

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