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Angry Birds Space

By Rovio Mobile Ltd.


The latest in Rovio’s Angry Birds line of mobile games has unique gameplay features and an awesome user-interface design. While you’ll need new (and sometimes unclear) strategies to complete its 60 levels, Angry Birds Space is still a must-download app.

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Angry Birds is pretty much a household name. Just about anybody who has an iPhone or an Android smartphone has given the popular game app a shot. The great thing about Angry Birds Space, the latest version of the game released by developer Rovio, is that it’s different enough to make the "been there, done that" Angry Birds experience fly out the window.

The differentiating factor in Angry Birds Space as compared to previous versions of the game is the way Space treats gravity. (After all, it’s space, where there is no gravity.) Players shoot their birds at structures and enemy pigs, watching them drift around based on inertia. But there are other bodies that do exert gravity in the game, like large and small planets. Players have to rethink their strategies in each level to deal with the changing gravity, sending birds in orbit around planets and curving through their gravity wells, using floating debris as shrapnel, and deflecting objects to cause pigs to fall into planets or go careening into the endless, freezing depths. Cool stuff.

Angry Birds Space also changes up gameplay by throwing the Ice Bird into the mix, which adds a whole new level of strategy. Instead of destroying things like the other birds, the Ice Bird freezes objects, making them brittle. Normally tough blocks are now destructible. Since it doesn’t do any direct damage, players will need to think about their next moves and where Ice Birds can be used most effectively.

The only real drawback to Angry Birds Space is that it is so different from its predecessors. It’s easy to imagine situations in which players who are used to the earthbound rules of physics might be perplexed. A few of Space’s 60 levels feel a little haphazard about how to solve them, with solutions coming more from random chance than actual strategy. And small planetoids at the center of gravity wells mean that towers and buildings aren’t going to collapse the way players are used to when they blast them on Earth.

But all in all, Angry Birds Space scores by bringing a very fresh take to the aging Angry Birds formula. The innovative and clever level design can stump players all the way through, and the promise of more levels to come in future updates suggests even more challenges on the final frontier. 

Reviewed: Mar 23, 2012 |

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