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Any.DO makes creating to-do lists fun and easy by combining a super-sleek interface with simple swiping gestures.

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Any.DO makes organization cool. Setting reminders is fun, and keeping an up-to-date agenda is anything but mundane. This productivity app uses sophisticated swiping gestures to maintain your ultimate to-do list.

The Android version has already been dubbed one of the best Android apps of 2011 by sources including TechCrunch and the New York Times, but as of June, iPhone users can get in on the fun too. The app’s developers even released a plug-in for Google Chrome, so your to-do list can sync across your phone and desktop computer.

When you launch this sleek app, you’ll see a demonstration video play in the background, but you have to play with Any.DO to really get the hang of things (plus, it’s just fun). You’ll begin to learn how to navigate the app by reading the call to action. 

“Pull down to create new task” means exactly that. Just swipe down, and you can begin to type in or speak your task. Once you begin entering a note, Any.DO will suggest common tasks. We wanted to remind ourselves to mail a package, and Any.DO recommended tasks like “Mail check,” “Check mail” and, right on the money, “Mail package.” This makes it extra quick to input simple tasks. You can then set a timed reminder or simply add it to your to-do list.

If your task involves multiple people, you can share your task with family and friends via email, Facebook or Twitter (they don’t need to have the app in order to see your reminder). We input a task that said “Get s’mores ingredients” (we had a camping trip coming up), and our tweets and posts read, “I need to get s’mores ingredients, suggestions?” This way, friends can comment on your task (like suggesting cinnamon graham crackers for our s’mores...rightfully so). 

You can tap and hold down on a task to drag it to a different day or order in your to-do list. To complete the task, just swipe to the right and shake your phone to remove it. We're kind of obsessed with that feature. You can also tap on a task to set it as a priority or include it in a folder. Any.DO automatically equips you with a personal and a work folder, but you can add others as needed. 

We were impressed enough with the interface (you can choose blue and black font on a white background, or white and blue font on a black background), not to mention the innovative swiping gestures used in the navigation (similar to the Clear app). But then we discovered even more surprises along the way—Any.DO’s landscape mode, to be exact.

Turn your phone sideways and your vertically stacked to-do list moves to the right side of the screen, and a monthly calendar appears to the left. You can view notches under the date to see how many tasks you have planned for a day. Tap on a date and the to-do list for that day will appear isolated to the right of the calendar.

Reviewed: Jun 04, 2012 |

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