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This is not one of your typical car-racing games. Ion Racer boasts a futuristic vibe for one of the most graphically sound, tilt-and-touch controlled racing games on the mobile market.

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It’s an endless and futuristic race to complete missions, collect ion orbs and get speedy with SGN’s latest 3D gaming app Ion Racer. Stunning graphics and visuals paired with tough missions make this racing game noteworthy and challenging. It’s quite a unique experience versus typical car-racing games. However, we do believe that the game app could use some improvements for even better game play.

Players have to complete the initial three missions in order to be given new, harder missions and unlock “skins” for their racing crafts. One of Ion Racer's main features is the ability to customize your racing vehicle, but in order to do that, you must knock out your assigned missions such as reaching speeds of 900 mph, collecting 200 ion orbs and getting 10,000 points. 

While playing, blue and red barriers stand in your way. Hit the blue barriers to get bonus points or additional shield boosts. Collect three shield boosts and you get an extra shield. Shields help protect you when you hit the red barriers, which you need to avoid at all costs. If you hit one, you lose a shield and slow down. Hit the red barriers too many times and your craft blows up. Game over.

Ion Racer uses cool tilt and touch controls. To steer around the track, tilt your device right or left and tap the screen to select the two different modes—the focus mode helps you to navigate precisely, and the strike mode is used to destroy red barriers.

Small ion orbs float along your path. Collect these ion orbs to replenish your craft’s energy used in strike and focus modes. You also receive points and kions (the game’s currency) for collecting them.

A unique feature to this game is the ability to use “perks.” There are four different types of perks that can be used while playing, such as the auto-repair perk that automatically repairs the craft’s shields over time, and the advanced ion reactor lets you squeeze out more energy from gathering ion orbs.The perks are available for use at the start of the game (you're only allowed one perk for each time of play) by tapping a perk icon before your race begins. If you want to buy more perks, use the kions you have collected while racing.

Ion Racer unarguably boasts stellar 3D graphics, however these graphics aren’t as high quality when you are actually racing; they are in all their glory when the game is static. During gameplay, movements and frame rate can become shaky.

Though Ion Racer is a racing game, we admit that we don’t see too much racing going on. We would like the ability to race with other crafts or to play with friends. The app does have full Game Center integration, but adding a social component where you can play your friends, in addition to simply viewing high scores, would make this an even more interactive experience.

Reviewed: Apr 11, 2012 |