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From basic to complex, seasonal to standard, the app Appetites will walk you through it.

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Like a voracious eater, Appetites is an app that never seems to stop.There’s so much good stuff in here that you can’t even begin to digest it all. And that’s why you have us here at The Recapp, to bring you Appetites, a cooking-demonstration video app.

Once you launch Appetites, you’ll see bright, beaming faces looking at you. Well, not just looking... They’re moving. Some smile, others blink and sway, and some even wave, trying to pull you in to their own kitchens. These are the chefs. They’ve got all kinds of goodies for you. Kudos to Clear-Media for making this app fun before it even starts. Select one of the 10 chefs (many from prominent cooking blogs) and off you go...

Once you’re in their kitchen, the chefs will talk you through their recipes (with the free download, you’ll have access to about 30). Simply touch their thumbnail and they tell you about themselves, their websites and their creations. You can launch from there or download the recipe that is highlighted. It’s pretty fun, and like a good meal, very satisfying.

The app itself is free, but some of the recipe packs will cost you $1.99. With about six related recipes in each pack (for instance, the Summer Pack includes a handful of warm-weather dishes), these packs are worth it, in our opinion.

Step by step, the videos teach you how to make these recipes as flawlessly as the chefs themselves. Ingredients, directions, serving instructions and more—everything is covered in these videos! It’s almost impossible to get lost and super fun to follow along. And it works. Trust us—we did the hard work of testing these bad boys.

From drinks to complicated dishes, Appetites will add flavors and fun to your cooking. You might even make a new friend with the Facebook and Twitter options. It’s an app that everybody will savor.

Reviewed: Jun 04, 2012 |

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